Films Of Colour & co.

So Friday I headed off to The Boileroom once again to catch Films Of Colour accompanied by three rather great supports in the form of Cities Of Glass, Secret Son & The Planes ( evidently not Steve Forrest‘s band, but still very great)

The Planes were unexpectedly the highlight of the evening if you ask me, hailing from Portsmouth they appeared onstage younger than you’d expect for the sounds they were making – sort of sloshy yet meek indie rock with a polished edge of flair. (i’m not quite sure what that means either but it sounds good doesn’t it?)

Anyway, live they were full of thunder, the songs on their first EP were rattled through sounding like bona-fide hits with flawless vocals, guitar riffs constantly hinting at the likes of Arctic Monkeys & Babyshambles, crashing drums and one groove of a bass that made them instantly stick to you. Their stuff is on soundcloud, facebook and the likes so you should check it out, I’m told their next EP is out soon, I think that’ll be one to watch for sure….ACE.

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After them came Secret Son, this lot were different, a lotta synth, some haunting guitar and cymbals everywhere all tied together by a vocal creeping into the realms of Nick Cave & Gabriel Bruce at times. It all came to create an alternatively ominous accumalation of music –  the whole Bad Seeds organ intense vibes come close with a hint of rock in the Two Wounded Birds kind of style.

Live the sound was much the same, pretty spot on – certain tracks hit me as almost Starsailor types and that especially came through in the vocal, which is never a bad thing – they oooze potential to be a very great band, keep an eye.

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Penultimately Cities Of Glass struck the stage with their alternative rock sound, resonating with the likes of You Me At Six and Futures making for some incredible tracks.

The first thing that hit me when they came on was the energy, they breathe it and the music really burst through. The vocals are completely standout and accompanied by incredible combinations of guitar, bass & drums it just works so effortlessly – the EP they have out on iTunes is class and aided by the help of Adam Noble (Muse, Mumford & Sons) on such tracks, this lot seem to be going places.

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Finally up came Films Of Colour and due to abysmal train timings, we only managed to catch the first 3 tracks but from the second the graced the stage there were goosebumps – they are synthy indie brilliance through and through.

They also excel in energy needed with such kind of music and captured live, it comes completely alive. With massive tracks under their belt already & of course that insane Bowie cover, they have the potential to be absolutely huge and deservedly indeed.

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