Life Is Elsewhere.

Little Comets have returned – did they even go anywhere, who knows?

A Little Opus kicks off proceedings, it’s mellow and echoey and lovely but still has that indie guitary edge that sets the pace for the rest of the tracks. Tense/Empty has an experimental synthy side that suggests the progression of the music they’re creating since In Search Of Elusive…. but is too fueled by that reverb laden guitar and beautiful vocals, both lyrically and melodically, that makes for more utter brilliance and even an immense percussion outro. 2 tracks in and high hopes – not that I was expecting anything less

Jennifer then is a previous track from the semi recent EP Jennifer And Other Stories (pick it up if you like this, well worth a quid or two) and absolutely ace too, radiating exuberance & summer melancholy, it’s all you’d expect from a single and more. Meanwhile Bayonne slows things down a bit, a bopper with an infectious guitar riff that is all just lovely.

Another previous tune comes in the form of Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead Of Night , it’s hands down one of the catchiest songs you will ever hear and that’s not a bad thing at all, it’s filled with vibes of brilliance throughout and it’s generally awesome. Violence Out Tonight was too featured on the Jennifer EP and it’s the closest Life Is Elsewhere gets to Her Black Eyes , a mournful percussive type with the usual lyrical genius of Robert Coles. Oh and the harmonies….

The Western Boy is a different one, it exhales tension and again that more experimental sound reappears, stripping the naive air away and highlighting what this band seem to be capable of oh so effortlessly before Worry returns to us with its bouncy melody and indie greatness to make for probably the best track of the album, how was this not a massive hit? WORREEWORREEWORREEWORREE

Semaphones On The Lawn appears much like The Western Boy, with almost disco vibes vocally and one hell of a bass groove suggesing more of that musical progression, nice one before W-O-E completely crushes the preconceptions of its name and delivers another huge moment of the album – it is screaming single.

Penultimately Woman Woman briefly returns to the sparse vocals and remorseful sound for a moment of sheer calm before In Blue Music We Trust ends the album with a percussion, spaced out guitary track with a massive crescendo before dropping us back into the world again.

If this album suggests anything it’s that Little Comets are ridiculously talented and everything they do seems to turn to musical gold, this album is equally as incredible as the debut- a hard act to follow might i add-, if not even better,….go check it out.

I am even more sufficiently gutted I have aticket for their gig in Brighton but cannot go due to transport after this :c