So Crystal Castles have returned to us with album III, it’s quite frankly the most beautiful 40 minutes I have heard all year and you should run to the shops on Monday to grab it.

It kicks off with Plague, the first single from the album, which for me conjures up feeling like I was about to die under a completely black sky being crushed to death in a mosh pit at Reading this summer, it is the most apocolyptic & euphoric tune all year.

Kerosene follows reminiscing the experimental sound of the debut – think Untrust Us – and some real nice vocals that float around your ears and Wrath Of God another pre-exposed track brings back the devastating synths, the kind of music you can just be absorbed in.

Affection starts with a millisecond synth a bit like Neyo or something but the beat thuds in and its all good ground from here on in, less chaotic but the syncopation everywhere man while Pale Flesh is a classic, Alice Glass‘ vocals & lyrics are just insane all over this album but stick out here entirely- the dark concepts & influences of the album subjects they’ve talked about are crystal clear by this point but in such a way that it creates incredible, incredible sounds.

Stuck in the middle, Sad Eyes starts like Steps, i kid you not, this could be a 90s pop anthem, well until the break that is, it keeps the poppy riff but the lush vocals & cannons everywhere just warp it into an absolute state of brilliance before Insulin catapults us back to the mental noise bending of Ethan Kath, everything’s distorted & cut short & ablaze with synthy sparkle.

Next, Transgender creates some kind of bassy accapella vocal hymn until eventually the beat kicks in and sticks around awhile floating about before it descends back to nothing – a well deserved break – and Violent Youth, despite the name, is pretty similar, it’s too got that experimental edge of past times but nothing too crazy here.

Telepath, however, apppears groundbreaking. It’s lack in vocals is made up with a blur of bassy emphasis that’s just, quite really, rad. Penultimately, Mercenary keeps the chilled feel but gives the impression not all is too rosy in the Castles of Crystal (sorry) (not sorry one bit) and Child I Will Hurt You sounds like an war cry from the name, and it is – only the beautiful kind of lullaby, actual real crying kind of war cry, they could use this shit on Children In Need and it would bring the world to it’s knees, amazing.

III might possibly be one of the best releases all year, and that’s saying something indeed – go support it.

Order/Buy it/everything they’ve ever released (trust me) here.