So we’ve reached December and the end o’ the year is nigh along with all that malarkey. However i am not doing one of yer sassy little countdowns or top forties or whatever you want because the message now is as what it was back in about february/march time and has remained focused on ever since which simply is; for the love of god listen to Gabriel Bruce.

Call it discovery of the year if you’re into all them shambolic blog run downs but quite frankly since getting a glimpse of Sleep Paralysis in school of all places, the spectacle is yet to end. I hate to think how many blogs I’ve done this year focused on this bloke (11, i am told – ouch) and it probably appears all a bit stalker but i entrust you its all for the greater good – whatever that may be.

Live, he blew Spector and pretty much everyone else out the water (your 2013 challenge from IQLG sincerely, should you choose to accept it, is to bust some moves like that) and on record it’s faultless too, the EP was fab, the singles are fab, the sessions are fab and the videos are ace so who knows what the album has instore – other than mindblowing brilliance that is.

When Gabriel Bruce stops being good, I shall stop pestering you readers with blogs, but until that moment, stick some headphones in yeah?

The album drops the day before Valentine’s Day and it appears that may crush a heart or two….

More here.

On a side note, since writing this blog I have been made aware an item from the man himself is being sent to me due to another awesome music blogger meeting him, go check out stuff by Natt okay she’s awesome and also tomorrow is the day I travel to the unknown north in order to see some beardy britpoppers close the show – i couldn’t be more excited, we all just have to hope everyone else on level 2 sings as loud as i do – advance warning okay