More festive etc…..

lcSo Los Campesinos! may’ve been on a sad front after announcing departure of Ellen, however they have unleashed a new wave of festive cheer on us with christmas single, A Doe To A Deer.


With so many awful christmas songs around, it’s rather nice to hear an unexplainably brilliant one that still retains the bells and everything you could expect from the beardy coca cola bloke himself. Also it sounds like a LC! track too, and anything that sounds like that is exceptionally very good.

And while on the subject of good christmas songs, can you guess who may’ve joined in….

I’m not even going to say his name because if you don’t know why are you here who are you & what are you doing without this bloke in your ears?

Here is Silent Night, Bruce-ified and brilliant as ever….


Update: In short, writing about Pulp is proving very hard because i am still on a high and can’t quite put together words that sum it up very well, but fear not, it is coming.