The Road.

Way back long ago when this blog started, I was quite a fan of Hurts and they have finally reemerged from their crypt (i imagine) with a new song, The Road.

It’s as dark as everything they’ve ever done and possibly more so, with a seemingly standard quiet hurts start that explodes into something that sounds like you are actually walking through the corridors of hell – or at least waiting to get on The Vampire at Chessington.

It’s much more guitary fueled with the same casual synth overload and there’s even a hint at some step in the outro, it’s quite insane and i think i quite like it more than their older stuff, if the rest of Exile (the album title, god, i know) is like this it is gonna go down a treat live.

The album is probably out March 2013, but with Hurts, ya never can tell.