Round Two..

‘Ello again. happy new years and all that. Anyway in the silence, I have seen my final band of 2012 in the form of Easy On The Amoeba (this was gonna be a blog post but i was consumed in taking photos, you know, that piss irritating one with the massive camera in front of everyone else? that was me for the night) anyway the point is you should definitely check them out because they have an EP coming this year & have been revamped with a new singer so are sounding rather sweet indeed.

On a different note, MORE NEW MUSIC.

This time Wales finest, Race Horses , whose track ‘Benidorm’ I stumbled upon on a Camden mixtape and it was instant gold. Okay they’re not entirely all that new but they are to me anyway, and with 2nd album Furniture released in September of the past being absolutely brilliant, the gold feeling has remained.

The sound is an alternative poppy kind with a shuffle of britpop here & some Metronomy-esque synths there that tends to be just very singable despite disguising some seemingly dark content, but that is never a bad thing. They’re touring with Kaiser Chiefs in February & have a show at The Borderline in March that I very may well be in town for, check ’em out.

More here.