Another 10 year silence has been smashed in fine style today with the unexpected and mind shatteringly brilliant news that David Bowie has released a new single to coincide with his 66th birthday.

Where Are We Now? is one hell of a Bowie track at that too, it’s that melancholy pop with a hint of weird that can honestly only be defined as just simply Bowie-ey.It’s already avaliable for download on iTunes and i strongly suggest it’s worth your 79p. To put it honestly,  I am 99.99% sure i prefer this to anything since Let’s Dance, and that was 20 years and 8 albums work away…

To top that, he has also announced a new album to soon follow through his Iso Records label on 11th March, it’s named suspiciously The Next Day and comes with some intriuging artwork that has taken on ’77’s Heroes and given it the Elysium effect. The tracklisting has too been announced and it all sounds good from here on in:


1. “The Next Day”  
2. “Dirty Boys”  
3. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”  
4. “Love Is Lost”  
5. “Where Are We Now?”  
6. “Valentine’s Day”  
7. “If You Can See Me”  
8. “I’d Rather Be High”  
9. “Boss of Me”  
10. “Dancing Out in Space”  
11. “How Does the Grass Grow?”  
12. “(You Will) Set the World On Fire”  
13. “You Feel So Lonely You Could Die”  
With the bonus of:1. So She”  
2. “I’ll Take You There”  
3. “Plan”  


The video is rather neat too.

So in summary, new Bowie track; the best unexpected surprise of the year so far, new Bowie album; even better than that & maybe the possibility of a Bowie tour; well, i will be sat on the floor a mess crying when that happens, we’ll see….