One for the Cool Cats

Palma Violets have a new song. you know the drill by now. the hype is worth every penny. i could spend more time typing about it but i’ve done a lot of that recently and really i struggle to think of words that could sum up it’s brilliance. it’s that good.

FYI: Normal blogging will resume after my exams end (aka tomorrow really because this counts as  english revision right) mainly because I haven’t done a For The Record in ages and have stacks of vinyl to get through, Will Downing anyone?

In the meantime i’ve started writing for H&H so you can check out my proper review of palmas, suede, the planes new ep & assorted others on there but don’t fret this blog will remain for all the rest and the best (and the ones i can’t manage to type in a pro way because they’re just too good, evidence above). Sweet.