H&H // On Demand EP – The Planes

Originally posted on Hooting & Howling


Portsmouth band The Planes’ second EP release is impending and it’s bursting at the seams with polished indie rock tunes that hint at some of the finest bands around.

Opener ‘See You Next Tuesday’ immediately defines the sound of the EP, carrying a thunderous riff which sounds like it was stolen from the mind of Graham Coxon and some tongue in cheek lyrics of smarmy wit that make for an all round headbanger of a start. ‘Lose It’  makes a return to sloshy indie sanity with more crunching guitars and seamlessly sweet harmonies which come together with the solid drumming to make yet another clear cut, brilliant track.

Title track ‘On Demand’, comes with the guarantee of being stuck in your head for at least the next month or so, having been reworked since its debut on their first EP to create a tighter, more mature sound that has clearly paid off, with the subtle influence of Small Faces seeping into Wardle’s guitarwork. Finally, ‘Stay The Weekend’ is another catchy one which, once again, captures all the top traits of The Planes, radiating their trashy musical style with more flawless vocals and crisp guitars; the Strokes-esque solo is on to a winner too.

With releases like this under their belt, it seems The Planes have a bright 2013 ahead indeed.

On Demand is out 20th January.