tribes-band-photoSo on Tuesday, (5th Feb -I’m a bit late posting this, oh dear) I headed down to the faithful Boileroom for the first gig of 2013, one of Tribes pre album tour shows, and it sounded very good indeed.

Birmingham’s latest indie darlings, previously Junnk, Baby 100 & countless indecisive fixtures on The Best Of B’town bill, Superfood opened up to a rammed full venue – considering the last time I was there it was the Last Dinosaurs/Wolf Gang double bill and five other people turned up, sold out was an odd one – with some great riffs, a female bass player (R E S P E C T) and a punky style albeit carried by a slightly irritating lead singer. They played a rather tiny set that suggests they’re still not quite settled on anything just yet but they could be onto something. The set closer was arguably one of the strangest songs I’ve ever heard, carrying an ‘Are Friends Electric?‘ rip off riff, a strange structure that seemingly went anywhere it could and the main lyric being “superfoOOod” repeated over and over – they may be ones to keep an eye on y’know, provided you can find them first, that is.

Then Tribes, by this point the mass of people had confined us to the very back of the room and the stage was out of sight due to the high amount of very very tall people that only seem to come out to stand in front of me at gigs, anyway despite probably getting 2 glimpses of Johnny and nothing else all night, they were on top form. The set seemed strange to most, starting with 4/5 of the biggest songs they have in shining form is unlikely from any band of that calibre but it certainly worked as by the time the first set of new material was unleashed, everyone was jumping around and singing along anyway.

The new material at that sounded incredible, i’d been dubious since the free download but after hearing latest single How The Other Half Live amongst others I am completely sold, they’re catchy, brilliant and everything else Tribes seem to excel at, Wish To Scream might just be of the year. They darted occassionally back to lesser known album tracks from last year’s debut, Baby which too went down swell and the bunch of jumpers blocking the view are the kind of crowd any band could wish for. 

The brilliance ended seemingly all too soon though, with many of the big EP tracks that go down so well live missed off in favour of said immense new stuff it felt like they could’ve gone on all night without fault, however an encore in the form of Coming Of Age, the ultimate drunk emotional singalong of all for this moment, provided enough to make sure I was once again back very much in appreciation of Tribes and all they create. Johnny seems like a nice bloke too, roll on the festivals…..

Wish To Scream is out 20th May accompanied by another tour, you can order both here.