H&H // Introducing: Maglia Rosa Group

Originally published on Hooting & Howling 


Norwich is not exactly the first place thought of when the words “brilliant new music” are mentioned, but Maglia Rosa Group seem set on a mission to change that.

Armed with debut EP ‘Nighthawks’ – released at the end of December last year – the quartet, focused around the creative sibling pairing of lead singer/instrumentalist Daisy Lawrence and guitarist Sam Lawrence, are making a name for themselves with their refreshingly relaxed indie pop that ranges from synths to flutes and everything in between.

Throughout the EP, effortlessly beautiful vocals that hint at the likes of Clare Maguire and Beth Gibbons (Portishead) that are backed by layered wavering synths and the reserved jangle of guitar cause every track to act as an inescapable sense of calm, and that is certainly a brilliant thing. Title track ‘Nighthawks’ is a synth-drenched soaring number while ‘Blood Orange’ evolves into a web of intricate guitars and sweeping vocals: both make Maglia Rosa Group appear a stand-out amongst the rest, that is just crying to be noticed.

The EP is avaliable to buy on their bandcamp here on a name-your-price basis and they’re set to be playing some more live shows later this year.