Palma Violets//Instore @ Banquet Records.


I’ve never been to a Banquet instore before, I’ve never even been to Banquet before, my lone experience of Kingston consisted of a long queue in the snow for Enter Shikari at the Hippodrome more than a year or so back – and that seems a quite impressive record for the likes of myself. However today that came to a halt in the fine style of finding myself in a queue being hyped up by none other than Harry Violent for the ever classy Palma Violets.

I wasnt expecting to walk into a blackened record shop with lights of a primary school disco, but that’s more or less how it went and after grabbing a key position of a Chilli dominated view (no bad thing, trust me) they thundered through half an hour of pure genius.

 Chicken Dippers first, they really really are that good and i have spent all week so far shouting “YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I’M THE ONLY ONE” then jumping around so that was nice  Tom The Drum too still sounds brilliantly bassy and they definitely the most insane band i have ever seen it just confuses me how anyone can have that kind of energy but also makes it better than anyone else at the same time.

IMG_8865 Best Of Friends is undoubtedly the song of the year and I can completely live with that, anyone that can write a song that great deserves to be massive, i dont think it’s gonna get old either. Lastly they played, Step Up For The Cool Cats, another brilliant one – I am failing to find any fault in 99.9% of 180 so far, I was gonna review it but it would have about as much substance and as much aren’t palma violets the best band ever gushing that this does so I will spare you all the pain of that and get this over with, they finished and sent us back outside to queue for signings admist the flight cases flying into a fan where Harry stood trying to flog t shirts like a fully bred market trader – he captured me, it was a tenner, you cant say no to a tenner, nothing’s a tenner anymore – and palmas stood laughing about pete’s signature (it’s either a rabbit, or says “pedo : )”…depending on your innocence that is). They seemed like nice chaps and I decided they are definitely on my must see at a gig asap list before being flung out onto a cold station waiting for another train to escape London again, I may aswell live there these days….

In short, Palmas are more than worthy of all this hype and if they were that good playing 4/5 songs, they might’ve done Rattlesnake Highway i can’t remember it was that good i apologise, they are gonna be insane for the rest of the year. G’night.

– in other news a review of the gig that my prescence was graced with on Monday will be up asap and I saw The Crookes play in a friend’s house on saturday, they’re still very, very good. The rest o’ the Palmas lot are on my photography page, nice one. –