The Hit Ups//The Cottonettes//Don The Cardigan//The Planes

On Monday evening, at about seven thirty, I found myself standing in a half empty Boileroom watching The Planes once again by complete accident and the rest of the night pretty much followed suit. I’d gone down last minute for a (over 18s – props to looking old for once in my life) meetup with cousins and whatnot and to checkout Don The Cardigan, but we hung around for the entire bill and it was rather worth it indeed.

So back on the planet of The Planes, everything is quite still awesome – since seeing them play in November, the poll position may’ve stayed the same but the live act seems to have exploded into something a bit more mental and a ton greater, complete with a neverending selection of shouldbe hits. The set was comprised of the new EP (which i reviewed for H&H awhile back here), the old EP and everything and anything inbetween and I am finding it very hard to find anything wrong with any of it, especially live, i can imagine its hard to play to an immobile half empty venue but from multiple experiences they appear to do it well. Their sound is just indie brilliance and i’m not gonna waste yer time rambling about that, I did all that in past blogs but I reckon this is one of their best ones so check it out and purchase the EP and such, they deserve greatness if you ask me.

A lot more nice sounds here…..

Then came Don The Cardigan (either way you look at it, I have to be nice about them, but in this case my niceness happens to also be the truth) I’d heard the name a million times before from around the place but never actually registered I should probaly listen to them til very recently and that was a nice moment.  They’re a four piece emerging from ACM that have a generally chilled sound that’s rather unlike a lot of what i’ve heard before, it drifts somewhere between pop, indie and rock but pretty unique and very skilled. They’re also seemingly great live so you should keep an eye on ’em, and check out Maps Of My Heart, that song has been in my head for days…..

Their Ego EP is out now, that amongst other assortments are here

Penultimately we were treated to The Cottonettes – they were punky and a quite brilliant band comprised of 3 which threw things up a bit considering every band i ever see seems to be the same 4 outlines, but they came accross as rather “we would quite like to be the sex pistols and cool lads” which was not entirely my metaphorical cup of tea. They had a ton of energy and the best banter of the night so you can’t knock ’em for that and listening back, some of their songs are rather good to jump along to so you should have a listen for yourselves, it was a monday night and I was half dead at the time so I may well be wrong, either way it was not too shabby.

I hadn’t heard of The Hit Ups, listened or otherwise until they materialised before us and in that glimpse you could just tell they had  atrick or two to unleash. The frontman was just incredible, for a Monday especially – nobody quite has that kind of energy, and the dancing was from another planet, Gabriel Bruce watch yer back – at several points he dived into the bewildered audience for lone dance routines from the bar to the barrier and back again. In all seriousness, they had the indie guitar that sounded carved by Foals, the energy and vocals of The Blackout – Sean Smith sprung to mind almost instantly – and the dancey house synths of Films Of Colour/Hadouken! and the likes, the lyrics seem ace too, which altogether made for one hell of a sound, and a very very good one at that. I could listen to any of this stuff on a daily basis for the rest of my life and you should too. That’s all I gotta say on the matter because me going on about how good all these bands are is of no use but jealousy is it?  – get yer ears round their stuff.

Free downloads, classy merch and anything else you can imagine on the world’s most confusing webpage are just a click away

This one was a dead heat between The Hit Ups & The Planes, both are becoming my favourite bands and it’s only Friday, nice one.

On a side note, I am currently listening to The Next Day and if you are “waiting” for release, you are not doing yourself any favours, this is absolutely incredible, after 19 minutes i was sold – it’s prying 180 from the top spot of 2013 as we speak….