A not so new discovery…..

We have never spoken about The Good Natured and on the fiftieth play of their latest single, 5-HT, this occured to me and I realised it was a very, very bad thing. I have been listening to ’em ever since I managed to miss them supporting The Killers in Hyde Park in 2011 so there is really no excuse of depriving yous lot -they even have a wikipedia page! – but better late than never.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know i generally despise female singers, they just grate on me and there are very few exceptions, but I present you with one right here. The three piece describe themselves as ” Modern Wave Pop” and I couldn’t sum it up better myself, everything about it is pop and absolutely brilliant synthy pop at that.

Their first EP, Warriors, came out back in 2008 and still deserves a ton of kudos because it’s quite simply electronic gothic scapes of sound that earnt them comparisons to Ladytron, La Roux and the likes, then the second, Your Body Is A Machine, was too rather brilliant and finally Skeleton came out in July 2011 and excels at equal forces to the first two and contains some incredible popstuff. This is my favourite song ever at the moment and also free….

Now they’re working on their debut album and first single (at the top) is just ace so i cannot wait…..and just like that we’re all up to date on the being of The Good Natured, go forth and listen – or something.