For The Record:The Singles Collection

Yeah this week i decided to do a *special edition* oooh and dug out some of the 7″s i never listen to. Here goes…..

The Chant Has Just Begun – The Alarm 

I was a bit dubious of dad’s record taste since i put on the LP he had of Rising by Rainbow -my dad’s a Pet Shop Boys/Killers kinda guy, I had no idea who Rainbow were but Ronnie James Dio was not expected ok – but this had cool artwork and putting it on was a good decision, i have played it to death.

A:  Its ridiculously catchy I promise you and also really good. The chant that begins is also very welsh, which is never a bad thing, i’m a bit biased towards welsh bands, especially 80s ones. I’m told they still exist too, nice. It’s a very good song in slightly short.

B: The Bells Of Rhymney is a cover of Pete Seeger, which in turn was taken from a Welsh poet about coal mines, it’s a quite nice cover at that, not overly enjoyable

BB: The Stand (Full Version) Oohhh a double B side, aren’t we the lucky ones? It’s a bit long, but it does say full version so i’ll let it off, it’s again very “revolution” and catchy. I like this too. Their guitarist looks a bit like the Simon Gallup in the video, cool blokes.

Perfect Weather – Gabriel Bruce


that’s essentially all I have to say, you know i love this song and you should too. Also horns.

B: Fools Gold (Pyrite’s Song) 

Equally brilliant, the least gabriel bruce-y song of them all but still.

Best Of Friends – Palma Violets

A: As good as first singles go, this is up there with the winners. contrary to popular belief i’ve been playing this since August and it doesn’t get old.

B: Last Of The Summer Wine 

Cities In Dust – Siouxsie & The Banshees

A: This is my favourite Siouxsie song ever so the soul crushing realisation that when i got home from my nans where I brought this in an obscure lane of Norwich and discovered it was scratched to pieces and didn’t play for more than 11 seconds before skipping remains, however it is stillmy favourite Siouxsie song and an absolutely incredible one at that.

B: A remix so equally skippy i’ve never really heard it, It seems like it might be a good remix though. sorry.

Crossfire – Brandon Flowers

The very first record I owned and played on my player I’ll have you know, a fitting competition prize an’ all.

A:  This still conjures up the anticipation at the end of the countdown that graced The Killers website back all them years ago and I still like it very much, on that album especially it’s a very strong contender and alone it’s an ace single, nice one Brando.

B: On The Floor

The second I heard this Cinderella, y’know where the rats & mice & various assorted woodland creatures & her are cleaning the house?, because that’s what the backing vocals and general feel of the song sound like. However that’s a good thing, and the lo fi recording makes it ten ton better than the album version too.

Stay – Hurts

A: I never really liked this song overly as a single but i got sent it for free and it was signed so you can’t complain can you, I like it a lot more now anyway, The revolving synth bits are the best (you’ll know what i mean), after listening to Exile I still much prefer happiness too.

B: Groove Armada Remix see if this wasnt so long it would be ace, but it’s about 8 minutes of the same riff and takes absolute forever to kick in. just adjust the needle a bit, that’s the good bit.

Titanium/Can’t Do Nothing – 10,000 Things

I got this one the other week for 99p, it still kills me how NME singlehandedly destroyed this band – ok maybe we might not’ve got Sam Riley in Control then, maybe – but they’re bloody good.

A:  Any song that can carry the lyric “I think I need titanium boxer shorts” and get away with it is quite frankly worth a listen. That’s all I have to say.

AA: I love this song rather a lot at the moment, the guitar all the way through is just awesome. Another nod to the lyrics too, these are the blokes that brought us “he’s two cans short of a six pack, a finger short of a kit kat” after all.