Suede At Banquet Records.

Yesterday I met 3/5ths of Suede and it was probably the best day of my life to date. By way of Banquet – probably my favourite record shop after only 2 visits, both involving incredible bands – I found myself in the snow standing in a verry long queue of very tall people waiting for a little acoustic set. It was very cold.


Anyway they emerged with coffee (it looked very warm) and guitars, or Neil, Richard & Brett did anyway (at which point it hit me suede were real and i sort of died a little), which isn’t a bad feat considering, and played a few nice little songs. I was a couple of rows back behind some very tall people but i happened to have my big camera with me so it was too good not to grab some slightly awful pictures

They started with For The Strangers which is definitely my favourite off the new record, it’s rather guitar-y and melancholic and sounds even better live – One of the first things that caught me was Brett’s voice, you have to understand it was the first time ever seeing them,  he really does sound that good its not some kind of techie trickery and that seems quite something to me. (Brittle Heart just came on – it’s true) 



Then they did It Starts And Ends With You – also one of the best of Bloodsports – and that sounded strange acoustically, but nice strange. At this point I have to mention the man who was singing every word and leaning against a wall accross from me staring at them as if he was seeing heaven – it’s the closest I think i’ll ever come to seeing love in a facial expression – directed at the lead singer, obviously.

Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away came next and that was too lovely, the pause after the chorus was so very long it became the awkward “do we clap, no wait this is too short to be the whole song, was i imagining the extra 2 minutes on the record?” but no one did and singing resumed – i still cant work out if the coffee break was intentional or not.  After this they played So Young which was unexpected but great, obviously, even if the irritating lady in front of me – i may be a horribly cynical person but she was like one of them mum’s that tries desperately to be cool but really just can’t- started bobbing up and down overenthusiastically and it was a very painful sight for all those involved I’m sure – but the band still sounded on top form though.



Lastly, after a little brett spiel about supporting yer local indie record shops and that, which was nice, they played Trash. Now however much I try to be hipster about it and claim Flashboy – the b side that everyone appears to have overlooked – is my favourite Suede song, it always comes down to Trash and acoustically it sounded fucking marvellous, I am still not over how his voice sounds like that, still. 

After this we were herded out of the shop to line up in the now heavier and arctic level snow, the only disadvantage of being right at the front was being right at the back of very very long line of queue around the corner, we froze, discussed pulp, moaned some more about the cold & dismissed rough trade and eventually ended up waiting for a record to be signed, once they’d retrieved said record that was – they could only run out when i was stood at the front of the queue really couldn’t they? Anyway record diversions avoided I managed to not appear too strange and left my repuatation in tact – something i’ve been meaning to restore since I couldn’t even manage a hi to Palma Violets and said “you too” when Freddie Cowan said I had hair like his sister. It worked though, despite my mere stun when they thanked me,  I even remembered my name and now have some nice silver scrawl on an even nicer LP.


Obviously since I sort of die a bit thinking about it and haven’t shut up about it nor will I ever, or at least maybe for say 5 days or so – Suede are real and very lovely, you heard it here first.

Same time next week then?