Them again….happening things.


So after a year or so of typing inane rubbish about bands, I appear to have finally got somewhere, and when I say somewhere I mean I found myself standing in the bar at Abbey Road Studios waiting for Suede on a Thursday evening- you could sense the buzz of musical genius from every angle. I will never stop to emphasise the fact that this was entirely the best thing that has ever happened in my seemingly insignificant sixteen years and whoever’s behind it i currently owe my life to.  You have to appreciate I’m not into all that rock legacy pilgrimage rubbish, I dont particulary care if Bowie wrote Heroes in this particular bus stop I’m not getting off the bus just to go there, but I want to be a producer because no one will be in a band with me, so any glimpse of a dial or a pop shield in that place is more sacred than anything i can currently think of at this moment, it’s an honour just to scribble on the wall. I figured some more nice words were needed, never enough Suede.


They played a lot of nice songs once again, 7 or 8 infact, that’s a good number – 3 of which were live on Absolute so if you feel like listening to me & various others being VERY LOUD for radio it’s repeated on Sunday at 10pm, or so i’m told. It was all acoustic so naturally they were unheard types other than that from Banquet and “off of the tv”. What Are You Not Telling Me? sounded incredible stripped back. Even if we got it in several bits, anyone can forgive Neil, I would be too distracted by the eccentric suave-ness of my own jacket to play piano aswell. But no, in all honesty, they have still got it – I mean i can keep saying it but I was only the maximum age of five when they had whatever it was last so you can’t trust everything I say but unless youtube (an invaluable source of catching up with the decades) is very innaccurate, it’s back.

They just sound flawless and I overuse that word too but it is entirely perfect in this case and they genuinely are just insanely incredible amazing musical people.


I think i’ve maxxed out the superlatives now so we’ll leave it on the point this has not been a biased post about Suede in anyway, the cynics are just lying. Halloween seems awful far away now doesn’t it?

On Wednesday, i’m off to meet Alex James. That’s the only thing that could ever top the past 4 weeks of Suede incredible because he purely is the only being better than them, it just keeps getting better.


(I am fully aware my pictures suck, but I have been duly informed that “you were shaking so much” and I guess this would concur, I was fully aware of that but their faces and guitars are too nice not to grab evidence)