Pet Shop Boys are upon us again. After last year’s barely gone noticed Elysium, Electric has been pioneered as the follow up complete with a little taste from the full version of Axis.

The taster of Axis was released to much loving arms last month and the real thing is just as fine pet shop boys pop as anything the other side of the 90s. The album has had Stuart Price at the helm which makes me at least 148% more anticpatitive of it because of his ace stuff with them amongst giving various others the magic pop sparkle in the not so distant past – YES I LIKED DAY & AGE BY THE KILLERS. 

I’m going to see them in June for the first time ever and despite not actually having yet purchased, or really got into Elysium’s dulcet tones, i get the feeling I wont need to because Electric (out 15th July) promises to be a very, very good album, and I have very high faith it will.