Easy On The Amoeba//Escape Artists


(these are all my unimpressive shots enjoy)

Last Saturday I headed back down to Guildford Commie, taking full camera law advantage obviously, to see Easy On The Amoeba, Escape Artists and various other excerpts of people supporting My Extraordinary, a headliner I didn’t even manage to catch – but the two made up for it.

I’d never actually heard of Escape Artists until I was stood on the stage with lead singer, Tate Matthews, happily flaunting it in front of the lens and parading around like he was on the main stage at Reading, and not actually in a hall full of preteen emos going through their MCR/rawr phase – a fate inevitable for us all – and suddenly they seemed like they might be worth checking out. They’re a 6 piece from Kingston that play play post hardcore type music, but i didn’t hear much other than a lot of rock and VERY LOUD, it was brilliant and the lead singer has the energy of a thousand men.]

Relevant musical links below, it’s good listening.

_MG_2412Then Easy On The Amoeba came on, since seeing them at the same place back in December on the eve of the apocalypse, they released a rather nifty debut EP in the form of Talk Back (reviewed here) and appearingly are going from strength to strength as I am sincerely genuine when I say they were at least 100,000 times better this time, and they were rather incredible back then.

_MG_3695They thundered (quite literally, i’ve never seen drumming like it) through from the start with an intro of Muse‘s Unsustainable, also known as a complete jam of brilliance, and straight into Trouble Like You, definitely my absolute favourite from the EP – both vocals sounding effortlessly clean and the guitar is just insane. From that point the rest of the show was supercharged, the EP was covered effortlessly with interjections of covers, The Black Keys‘ Lonely Boy got bones shakin’ in a similar style to that of the brilliant video and everything went down a treat before descending into a sonically jammed up close. I really have very little more to say other than that because it’s hard to carry across in words the same kind of brilliance and energy excelled within the music live, they rather are on fire, but the EP – IT’S FREE AND AWESOME HERE – does some kind of job so have a listen, honestly it’s really great and as I said in my review (plug, plug) the recording is flawless, if everything else – get on it cause it’s reaching the limit from what i hear.

Oh and here’s a video of said jam intro, cheers to whoever filmed it, amazing.

The pictures of EOTA are up here, Escape Artists will be up soon…..

Relevant aforementioned Escape links