bank It’s a Brit bank holiday and, along with strict hipster rules, everyone’s making those summer playlists I try to avoid like the plague, however inevitably with the given sun, I’ve been spinning a few odd balls recently that stick in line to that theme and that’s appropriate for any time of year.

I also haven’t done a playlist since the first and only 100 post one and nobody else seems to appreciate them except the internet – don’t think of it as a music blog posting the cliche summer playlist though, think of it as me providing your                       B A N K  H O L I D A Y 88 track ambience for when the realistically black clouds start forming right after your 23rd attempt to light the barbeque has finally succeeded, or something.


Stick it on shuffle or ‘Time’ because this widget destroys my order, sigh. 

Note: I typed that out on Friday afternoon and it is already been raining and cold here all day by the time I got to post this (after giving up on the barbeque in favour of chicken & sweet potato – well we are in Surrey – chips, of course) on Saturday…..I told you.