A lickle new music\\tunes update

Remember when i actually used this blog for shining a light on some o’ those little bands onto the mass – well the three of you that’re reading this anyway – es? Well that time has returned, and we got a little catching up to do….

First up Teleman, just announced to support none other than Suede on their UK tour and therefore automatically seizing my attention for all the right reasons, I was wary of the debut single but this track is the bomb and also produced by Bernard Butler, it all makes sense now….

Then we have Drowners – oh dear we’re already gathering a theme here aren’t we? – pre concepts out the way, yes they were named after the Suede song, but lets not get into that, Model Frontman Matt Hitt‘s favourite proclaimed singer is Morrissey and although he does cite ol’ Jarv and Banderson as influences when waxing lyrically, their sound is more smartened b-town than gay sex no-hopers. Long Hair might just be the one….

This Many Boyfriends are next on the case, I’ve never really spoke of them but their music is incredible and incredibly underrated at that too, their debut was one of the shining, overlooked hopes of 2012 and it’s fighting for recognition purely on it’s brilliance alone. I Don’t Like You (‘Cause You Don’t Like The Pastels) has been on my jam list for the past year, and it should be on yours too, but first here’s the single Starling

Temples are back an’ all, I mentioned them briefly in the Suede mush but they deserve a piece in their own right because Shelter Song is a fucking masterpiece of ambient psych-guitar work and the next single’s set to be a big ‘un too, not to mention b-side Prisms creating a stir or two. Their tour went onsale on Friday actually and it’s worth checking them out if you’re around….

The Physics House Band – I’ve seen this lot around posters at me local venue and completely ignored them after hearing about thirty seconds of a track and passing it off as mediocre hardcore but turns out I was extremely wrong in both respects, they’re hardcore in sound if played on the indie guitar models of the likes of Two Door and use the techno fuzz of 3d psychedelia in their videos that’s enough to entice anyone in….

That’ll do ya for now I reckon, but if not, Daft Punk are back, aren’t they? And kickin’ the disco threads of Nile Rodgers at that too, anyone that was half of a pair that defined shoebleeding disco funk are always worthy of a spin aren’t they? Oh and I know we’ve spoken of Easy On The Amoeba and Object Object before, but both are truly wonderful, get on it.

* disclaimer: i wrote this at gone midnight last night, hence the semi jumped up tone, i don’t know either, but i think it might be the best thing i’ve ever written: end disclaimer*