I’m not one for bigging up birthdays, I generally hate them in all honesty, but what with the impending suede effects of this year and the realisation The Drowners happened to share (if not an exact) one with yours truly, it got me thinking and I did a bit of googling, and though I am still yet to find a song that actually shares my actuAL one, i made a little playlist of the almost sort of ones because as it goes – there’s some pretty good ones…(and it gave me an excuse to make a collage again yea)

Warrior’s Dance aka my favourite Prodigy song this side of 2000 happened to be out in 09, backed up nicely by The Horrors’ Who Can Say?, Depeche Mode‘s Wrong, MadnessDust Devils, Lightning SeedsGhosts AND Bloc Party‘s Intimacy Remixed EP – a good year, apparently, and a year prior to The National‘s High Violet LP, nifty.

A little further back, we have Snoop‘s No Limit Top Dogg album, Muse‘s first ever EP creatively titled The Muse EP (circa ’98) and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Best Of, closely followed by The Cure‘s Friday I’m In Love and Three Imaginary Boys LP – my two top favourite Cure items i’ll have you know also…coincedence – ’92 & ’79 respectively….sandwiched with The Drowners, ’92 again, possibly my two favourite ever songs released on the same day….again, coincedence//

Penultimately, ’84 had Paul Hardcastle‘s 19 at number 1, not strictly released the same day, but it’s a bit of a jam isn’t it….okay…

And heading into the depths of the 60s, the final together Beatles single The Long & Winding Road, The Beach Boys‘ classic I Get Around & Small Faces debut LP, Small Faces (again with the debut imagination).

So there you have it, 11 May turns out to be a rather ace day for one or two reasons, oh that and it’s a year til I stop complaining about them nasty 18+ gig age limits, hold out kids. Now i’m off to listen to The Drowners twenty one times, who’s with me?