I’ll think of a snappy title later, but we have reached a point where the full circle has been reached itself. Due to the sheer luck of being a dreadful chemistry student that has given up and is counting down the lessons til it ends ever, i found myself sat on a train at a point at which my mock exam hadn’t even finished (i just handed it in and left in not even half the time that’s how done i am) and the announcer said “London Victoria” and suddenly it struck me, it was 2 o’clock and I had the afternoon free….could i maybe? nah I couldn’t, I couldn’t go to Rough Trade and see Gabriel Bruce in this state, that’d be a stupid idea…it was my third day on 2 hours sleep….nah……1 1/2 hours, several unsuccessful facebook pleas and a very red eyed time later, I am sat back on the same train headed to the announcer’s fateful words and then on to Shoreditch, alone….oops.

*go grab this from the shelves and treasure it...g'wan*

*go grab this from the shelves and treasure it…g’wan*

So now you know where we are in the world, after finding Rough Trade (that area of London is about the only place I have never been more than one, it was terrifying) veRY early, i purchased a record by a band i’d never heard before – the artwork was cool and it was the cheapest i could find and my awkwardness meant i had to buy something when picking up my copy of Love In Arms, turned out to be Patterns, who are indeed rather good…and it’s see through vinyl ooh – and then realised i still had forty minutes to kill…i checked my phone and confirmed nobody was going to be joining me, killed another ten minutes on said phone to my own mother and fled round the corner in fear of looking a weirdo – except to that of the man running the funky northern soul cafe opposite – hiding. Eventually the curiousity killed me and it was almost 7 so i spent awhile admiring Rough Trade’s incredible methods of sorting records – “American Jazz House” was my favourite, clocked Mr Bruce & co. and joined the gathering crowd of those in the know for the gig.

Sleep Paralysis opened proceedings and was lovely…then the synth kicked in and it genuinely felt like the biggest electric shock i’d ever recieved in my life, it was the loudest and still unbelieveably most brilliant bassy thing i’ve ever heard in my life and from that moment onwards the general crowd consensous appeared to change from “eh this bloke’s got an alright voice” to “wait wait hold up whats going on here this is new i like this…a lot” despite the sheer lack of us. The thunder came from there on in.

He played rather a few tracks off Love In Arms while parading around in the brilliant usual fashion backed by the crew of backing singer/dancer andseemingly quite amazing duo, the most insane drummer I have ever seen in my entire life (he stole the show really) and George Cassavettes – check out his debut as Stay Bless here, its all good -, of course. Dark Lights Shine Loud continued the roaring masterpieces…..everyone loves a bit of horns and Honey Honey Honey shook off the dust too, it’s undeniably the catchiest song in existence, just try it.

Greedy Little Heart is still my favourite song and live, complete with that preachy intro, it was very danceable to – the security guard put us all to shame with his enthusiasm, you think i’m joking – and by the end of it, Gabriel was (naturally) on the floor pretending to cry in perfect time for Zoe, still my absolute favourite thing ever I think (at which point i notice the sentence I just typed 2 lines above, THAT is how good Love In Arms is my friends, they are all my favourites, but Zoe is the one….for now) and a product of disco genius, the crying continued – I was entirely convinced he was possessed, and that’s an absolutely brilliant thing I’ll have you know and the dancing was gradually increasing (props to the man stood at the front who sincerely did not care who was watching, such courage can only be admired and found slightly amusing, you know who you are).

Then following instructions Perfect Weather was next, more horns, more admirable brilliance, and Car’s Not Leaving – the absolute best – complete with that dance routine at the end perfected to a fine T, after stage space was comprimised. I don’t think I saw one person leave not smiling, I certainly was.

Then (prepare for shambolic writing mode) i noticed a line forming and made an about turn to go and get my CD signed (aka meet the bruce, i’d been going on about him for a year or so i figured it was about time with 2 girls behind me – i tagged along with them and they leant me their sharpie, they are great people & later discovered I actually knew one of them from twitter, oh dear – I was admittedly shaking i’ll give you that I am a nervous wreck 98 per-cent of the time (I work as a waitress can you imagine that can you imagine) especially when alone with new people, especially if said new people are top class singers who once drew a goose & some cheese for you when your friend met them and definitely knows vaguely of your existence…..Anyway back to the point, I shakily handed the CD over and blurted out how cool I thought he was seemingly looking like a disastrous weirdo as he noticed and asked my name, the name was given and suddenly faces dropped and the realisation that i was that strange one who doesn’t shut up about him on her wordpresss occured and he jumped up to give me a hug calling me his only fan, not true thankfully but we’ll go with it. Vague chat ensuede (I WAS COOL I REMEMBERED MY NAME I DIDNT SAY THANK YOU FIVE TIMES AGAIN ITS ALL GOOD) (notice how i typed in ensued just then, just notice) and I told him the album was brilliant – it is, go buy it – and got my cd signed and such great things happen very rarely it made me very happy.

I even got a picture – apologies for my face.


So there you have it, it was a whole year on the 12th since I first saw him supporting Spector in near enough my hometown and after a year of great things, the album’s finally out, the dancing is incredible and I finally met Gabriel Bruce…..now about that next album? Well it’s about the destruction of earth and seemingly only just over 6 months away, what could be better I ask? nothing. The man is simply awesome.