In case you hadn’t noticed by now, Suede‘s second single off of mega incredible comeback extraordinaire album Bloodsports has been released into the hypothetical digital clutches of people like you and me and it’s really rather good. I’m generally a bit useless for buying singles – especially poncey digital only types – because you get a song you already have and a half assed B side most of the time that aren’t worth it,  even if they are my favourite band on earth, but i can safely say at about two minutes past midnight I was on amazon and delving into £3 to buy this one for several reasons:

1) It’s a hell of a song – as far as bona fide singles are concerned, this is the one that should be destroying radio stations everywhere by now – and it is Suede after all

2) There are 2 whole ace cared for B sides on top of the original/radio edit combo. & digitally shiny booklet – yes kids, thats four tracks for less than a pound each – $$$$

(and) 3) It was 1am and the only other people up were Suede fans that remembered it was coming out, what else could I do?

Anyway, seriously, Hit Me is mighty, it gets to the point in a gritty straightforward way and is one great pop track for singing along to, pretending you too possess a fringe quite so flicky, therefore it is a top single and one you should all whip your pennies out for in no time – the radio edit’s not a shambles either, unlike *ahem* many we could mention so that’s always nice to hear.

What Violet Says and Falling Planes are both something too, they’re previous scrapped Bloodsports-y ones – it seems just aswell because you can see they may’ve killed it slightly, smart moves on all accounts but – in this tweaked new context, they really do scrub up quite ace little numbers – the mixes themselves are lovely, CLARITY EVERYWHERE , props to Codders for that one (sorry, had to).

I think my messy justification has been done so have a click here and be a smart person.

Oh and there’s a beautifully messy video here too, if you’d like to join me in a powder paint fight Hit Me up (sorry again) becuase it’s all i’ve wanted to do since, enjoy.

On a side note, I promise I will write some sensible blogs soon, I just really like Suede and it never comes out as professional sounding as I mean it too because they’re just too good – there’s a mega new Some Hero piece coming up on someone that can only be described by a block of Wensleydale & a packet of B&H too though – in the meantime , I went to Fierce Panda’s bash on Tuesday and the verdict’s here.