Bar the obvious Hit Me, two tracks from two great bands have been floating around this week – synthy goodness in full flow.

After the mega Axis, PSBs debuted their first single from Electric, Vocal, last night and it’s banging. Musically it is pure incredible dance and the kind of incredible you’d expect from the duo by now….ironically, the vocal itself sounds like it’s lyric were written by Example and with Tennant singing them it sounds, well, kinda odd – I didn’t make much of them and stuck to the Stuart Price mix (used on an Armin Van Buuren mix here) but ‘ave a listen for yourselves below…..

On top of that, White Lies have returned, a return I was looking greatly forward to and they haven’t disappointed. Getting Even is a mega synthy rock stadium type, they kind they do best, and it turns out really awesome – the vocals are especially tip top on this one and the new album seems promising, check it out.


There ya go, new key single updates done. On a side note, the one and only Gabriel Bruce is making what I am aware is his TV debut on Jools on Friday, this is absolutely awesome news and i’m excited, you should tune in….people are finally catching on…finALLY.