N E W .

This blog is essentially me plugging 2 bands for 2 very good reasons; 1. they are both pretty ace bands,showcasing Guildford ACM’s finest, live & not live, oh and 2. the fact there are ~cousin connections~ involved to both honestly has nothing to do with anything anyway.

First is Red Kites, I saw ’em a good few months back and they have shifted members and such since but are apparently the same distinctive folky awesome they were back then, their EP, New Life Ignites, is being launched via PledgeMusic very soon and the single Threads was premiered earlier, it’s pretty damn brilliant.

And secondly, Don The Cardigan, I saw them a month or so ago and the high review standing applies here too. Charms is the first single in awhile and equally, it’s bold. The Boileroom makes a nice little shoot venue too I have to say….

That’s pretty much that, I would review them properly but I really think they are top and the music sort of does that anyway itself so there’s no need for my nonsenseless ramblings.

In other news, the 80s throwback countdown has begun, 5 days til Siouxsie and one more til PSB, are you excited yet?