Complete with probably one of the best band names I’ve heard in a while*, this band are brilliant. I came across them through a web of social network & impeccable music taste and for a group that appear so ridiculously young – making my older effort appear irrelevant at least – they’re making some incredible noise.

They’re a trio comprised of 2 sisters on drum & bass/vocals and a seemingly babyfaced guitar/vocalist from Halifax that cite 60’s pop and post punk as the defining influences. This, naturally, rings true throughout the collection of great tracks they’ve already accomplished, as much as a cliche as it is, they definitely are “making music way beyond their years” so to speak, and it’s earnt them gigs alongside Hey Sholay, The Crookes, Steven Morris, Jez Kerr and other assortments of some top bands, aswell as a show at last month’s Liverpool Sound City with quite literally glowing reviews.

The tracks up on their page currently are all ace without fault and sound a lot better than the majority of the “new band influx” shall we say, purely because the whole thing oozes style and difference, they are a stick out group, and have a lot to come I reckon.

Essentially, the need to know basis here is that they have a top name, some brilliant tracks here (complete with iTunes links) and are more than worth checking out if you’re more northerly based than yours truly. Go for it.

*don’t get me wrong, I hate the biscuits.