I’ve been reading a lot from various great musical types about Harkive and figured as a person that enjoys writing about music when willpower/gigs allow, I’d document my day of listening via means of this blog for you all to see and judge my lack of variety and general Suede musing no doubt (it’s still 1am though, so who knows? I’m being watched, anything could happen). It’s turned out a bit long but no one’s forcing you to read it, i found it pretty interesting, I don’t recall ever listening to this much.

At around 00.34 I’m still up and admist the whirring computer noise I come to the conclusion there’s no other way to start a Tuesday than listening to Suede (already) murder their own track  filled with venom at the ’93 Brit awards, early morning Animal Nitrate via the means of a strange unvisited video site is the one. That’s enough for this time then.

It’s 8.40 now and after flouncing around to Pet Shop BoysShopping playing on repeat in my head I go online to be bombarded with links to the new Manics/Placebo/Babyshambles tracks I never got round to listening to yesterday. I fire up various sites – Manics via Vevo on Mojo (it’s overtaking the world, isn’t it?) is unexpected but real nice; the video reflects the starkness and the prescence of Richard Hawley only betters things, a quick twitter search leads me to NME for Babyshambles via Soundcloud and I’m slightly concerned/balled over about quite how good it is – an album track is named Penguins, it sounds promising – why have we been so deprived?…Placebo can wait though, I’m anticipating that the most but I’ve gotta get to college.

After a quick prayer – “by the power of Grayskull, please let me win tickets to see Pixies at the iTunes festival” – I get out the door and figure the only right way to initiate today’s shuffle is with a bit of Doolittle, Hey.

It ends up a live version from one of the last shows with Kim Deal, funny that, which leads into relatively safe waters; The Killers, The Crookes, Palma Violets, Suede (again) and Blur (complete with Coxon’s effortlessly moody This Is A Low solo brilliance) all relatively ease into the morning – the train’s late. By the time I get on, realising I’m an hour late to catch any conversation, I guess the only true way to replicate friends is by way of – after rapidly checking for PSB’s Vocal mixies, Gabriel Bruce‘s Car’s Not Leaving. It’s becoming a cult disco classic, trust me.

There’s sod all in the Metro bar a great Tribbiani quote on sarcasm – not even good deed feed/rush hour crush cut it and the idea of an interview with Gabrielle Aplin makes me near sick – so the twisted disco continues, Joy Ride. It’s cut all too short though when I realise by aid of paper, seeing Suede again is becoming pretty soon – we need some Let Go for good measure if nothing else, it’s half nine by now after all and this one is a lost great.

From there I just can’t help myself and the Suede/B.Anderson playlist is launched; I conciously blame it on the current lack of variety on my iPod as a form of unjust justification but it doesn’t quite convince myself, letalone anyone else – it’s a seamless playlist anyway and we have reached the station. The short walk to college cruises spins through Bloodsports, Abbey Road sessions and even some er Head Music for a bit of spice before She’s In Fashion ends the summer bliss in favour of an English lesson. Who knew I could make this journey quite so exciting?

Break doesn’t hold it’s breath for any listening time and Lunch’s subtle headphone attempts are failed so Picnic By The Motorway stays cruising through the madness of my head while I overhear jokes about bluetooth-ing songs (remember that?) and no music actually ends up listened to, though I do spot someone watching Two Door Cinema Club‘s Glastonbury set in English using the world’s most obvious bright white headphones, I think they’d given up.

20 past three: another train has been left and another shuffle started, it’s a wonder it hasn’t given up after four years but the ever faithful ipod throws out Surburbia immediately, there’s always a reference somewhere isn’t there? Coxon‘s What’s He Got? follows and still sounds like the perfect classic series theme tune, think Only Fools and Minder combined. Recent new music findings in the form of EP and ticket thrust into my arms for an understated price bring on Object Object‘s Stranger, weirdly apt when you turn the corner to find an unmentioned shirtless man wielding a chainsaw to the gate in your driveway – still no idea – shoegaze magic.

Diving through the door and grabbing some jaffa cakes –  sustenance – settle on grooving bass through some Chic and Bowie before trialling my acoustically guitar altered version of Banderson’s Back To You – play the chorus twice, decide it’s not ready for the world yet and open iTunes for a Pet Shop Boys mix that is hastily given up on after being challenged by a chorus of chickens that have gathered beneath my window. 300% not a lie, check this.


Five to 4 and  I figure being home early probably means some extra time to catch up with EPQ research (aptly on how the value of music has changed as an effect of the advances in technology; streaming, downloads, you know the score – any relevant information/input/insight/strong opinions of interview worth stuff welcomed greatly might I add) but it’s sunny and I’m too in music mode so the records line up to be examined – Gabriel Bruce and Suede have been played all weekend which is probably just as well so it’s a 3 way tie between Beat Street soundtrack, The Man Machine and Bee Gees Greatest Hits – the latter prevails on the basis I am home alone so we’d better milk it – immediately to Stayin’ Alive.


The second this finishes I suddenly remember something YouTube is consulted for the most incredible mashup you will witness, consisting of the previous track & 50 cent‘s In Da Club, naturally. Another click leads me to NME;’s “10 tracks you really, really should hear this week (No, really):” check out Holograms‘ latest gift on Soundcloud, discover what Jon Hopkins has been up to since the O2 and remember I still havent heard the new Placebo – Bee Gees are now forgotten – my spotify minutes are up again,no avail, it is elusive without purchase – quite skillful genius.

ICE CREAM BREAK – my family are home and my brother’s run off with his girlfriend (again) so returning to internet musical sanity seems a good idea. Doing this has amazed me at how much I really do listen to, writing near 1000 words on 24 songs on about 5 different formats when I considered the hours of 9-midnight are my highest rates of listening and it only being 4.30 has made me think though anyone reading this is probably bored to tears with detail by now, I still havent heard that Placebo track.

Half 5 now, Bernard Butler tweets about ironing and directs my mind from UCAS applications to Stay, via Youtube again – you can’t not appreciate that video, the guitar creeps up and inevitably leads to jools I figure I should get to work on mine….well after Pointless, ace theme music.

Half 7…missed pointless and having played no guitar I am back on the Bernard Butler, my friend keeps sending me Youtube links to various tracks..or at least a guitar-y based Music Matters for the minute.

Isn’t that nice?

It’s quarter past 8 and I’ve only just discovered that my year’s most anticipated album pre Love In Arms is streaming via Rdio (nope, me either) on The Guardian, Electric by Pet Shop Boys of course, it’s turned up loud and my god is it good – the dance album of the year, she utters, 1 1/2 tracks in.  A quick diversion is taken on the form of Popjustice for the Freemasons‘ new mix of HurtsExile – also incredible, today’s a great day for the dancefloor apparently. Anyway back to Electric- it sounds like summer and just keeps getting better; Shout resumes a techno rave alone in my room and Vocal solidifies the fact there’s not one bad track on it and I’ve found a stream that doesn’t stop to buffer all the time for once, I love Tuesdays. Just one more play – Last To Die sounds better than Springsteen could ever hope, it was built for disco synths.

It’s 5 to ten, chico time or suede o’clock depending on your personal preference and I have shut the guardian stream to divulge into some local Soundcloud delights by way of Red Kites‘s new EP – it’s rocky folky fueled brilliance and the slight scottish lyric twinge only fuels it, as far as bright young hopes go, Plans is real nice. Directing on from that we go to Don The Cardigan‘s Charms and The Planes stuff – it’s a natural progression of mellowed indie rock types that my “Likes” on here always seem to consist of….Teleman‘s Steam Train Girl next, Butler is everywhere again. The Moshi Moshi stream continues while I’m browsing onto a track I’ve never heard of that sounds suspiciously like David Bowie only not, it’s called Stroh 80 by Casual Sex (Extended version, oooh) and is really quite something – I don’t know anything about them yet but I’ll be sure to find out – an accidental discovery is always nice

20 to 11 now and I’ve suddenly ended up on a deep trance mashup of The Village People & Boney M‘s Can’t Stop The Music and Gotta Go Home respectively via a quick google search pertaining to Gary Numan‘s sheep – best not to ask, I’m not sure how this happened but that’s the magic of the internet I guess,it’s not actually as bad as first assumed either – well until it goes into Duck Sauce‘s Barbra Streisand, christ you can’t escape that song. May aswell keep the disco spirit, been meaning to watch Chic at the Budokan for a while now, I Want Your Love is always a good place to start, strange to think Bernard Edwards wasn’t exactly far off leaving by this stage, the bass was still second to none to the very end – HERO.

Good Times Extended version on the side bar has already sucked me in, nailing the bassline is my proudest achievement to date – my spotify minutes being up are really culling th variation so I have a browse and stick on Siouxsie‘s Into A Swan for some crunchy synth measure, the live Meltdown version again, it’s been too long…we’re nearly at the last hour and it’s getting rather uninteresting these are my common late night habits I apologise, just thank the world I have refrained from Suede-ing for quite so long.

Speaking of which we’re into the last half hour after a brief interjection of laughing fits and I’m suddenly listening to a few videos of a Suede gig in Dusseldorf from ’97, nobody really thought I’d last on this morning’s 5 tracks, did they? They’re very good.  Suddenly notice how much the live intro to So Young sounds like The TearsRefugees, stick it on from J-Ro to check…oooh. My headphone jack is slowly breaking for an underwater effect, it must be late.

Ten to 12, have to switch headphones and all I can hear is bass. It’s quite nice really.  More youtube for quick nice bass songs leads to Beautiful Ones as penultimate contender and Everybody Dance by Chic leads us into Wednesday, well that was good wasn’t it? – feel the funk.

I realise this has been a lengthy affair feature but I found it quite interesting and you might’ve done too, I was sure (I just typed suede instead of that, oops) I never used that many online things but there you go and there’s some great tracks above to get your ears around too, this whole Harkive thing was a really ace idea, Enjoy.