Just a quick note really to say if you have not heard Electric yet you really need to rethink your choices in life because it’s absolutely ace. PSB‘s are back on an accessible level and thats not necessarily a bad thing at all, crackin’ pop stuff.


You don’t even have to buy it if you don’t want, but I’d highly unrecommend or suspect that…

More on that is up on H&H in my review (t’was cut due to my incessant rambling that amounted to many, many words that I will spare you with, I think that fact alone reflects my sheer complete joy for the album but my compliments to Chris’ Thursday vocals for making the entire album and the fact they remain flawlessly untouchable will have to be mentioned here)

I’ve been a little ‘lax again but college is near breaking point and this weekend re: Lovebox Sunday consists of Hurts, Gabriel Bruce, Purity Ring, Jon Hopkins, Frankie Knuckles and many, many more…words on that soon.