Death At Sea are a trio from Liverpool whose best interests are set on a quest to “make guitars cool again“, and they’re doing it in fine taste, at that. The group emerged in January 2012 via means of DIY videos, a couple of rough-and-ready tracks with massive atmospheric riffs and an indulgently bold sound that already seems enough to gain them packed arena status.

The group cite their influences as past-era lo-fi guitar bands such as PixiesSmashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth, inevitably giving them a hard edged layer of grunge, but latest single ‘Drag’ showcases a dreamy overtone of lush harmonies and sharply melodic guitars permeating the fuzz. The whole sound feels drenched in the best possible way while the sole hook “when he’s with her, she bleeds glitter” gives it an unavoidably festival ripe sweetness that is steadily gaining them quite a reputation wherever the single hits.

‘Drag’ is accompanied by double A-side of ‘Selfless’, retaining the high standard of its predecessor by sticking to the big guitars blueprint and carrying a simple attitude filled refrain of “you’re fucking bringing me down“, the band appear to be following in the footsteps of Yuck, and those alike, to breathe a breath of fresh air into this decade’s answer to ’90s grunge, and these three are certainly onto a winner.

The trio have already gained themselves support slots with the likes of Deap VallyHaim and Drenge, as well as storming various festivals across the UK and look set to bring much more brilliance back into the world of guitars with impending future releases.