Easy On The Amoeba // Talk Back EP Launch

So you know the drill, everytime EOTA play Guildford Commie, I go down, abuse the lack of camera rules and enthuse to everyone about how incredible they are live afterwards, watching them slowly rise up the bill. Speaking of which, tonight, in their third appearance, they were finally rightfully headlining and it was special for two reasons, 1, it was their official EP launch show  & 2, it was their last show for quite a while due to uni and such, giving them quite essentially all reason to play the hardest they possibly could, and that’s what more or less went down.

Before that though, I caught the final support (well there was one before infact, but their name, besides the great bassist, tells you probably all you need to know) in the form of The Crosstown Trio who were surprisingly brilliant. They’re a country blues reggae infused Farnham lot who appear to have been flying around festivals and already landed a Top 10 finalist position in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award 2013, which isn’t bad going on the back of one EP released last month. Live they’re a spectacle of lush harmonies, intricate acoustic riffs and all the funk of a double bass – everyone loves a double bass. Their set consisted of some top sounding tracks from the aformentioned EP, Coming And Going, and a rabble of covers from Bob Marley, Rusted Root (Ice Age, anyone?) and the ever faithful Hit The Road Jack, that certainly livened everyone up a bit, nice.

For more info. and such, check them out here.


Then, of course, after a swifty set change (take note every other gig I go to) Easy On The Amoeba began their attack with a new one by the name of Circuit, a merge of explosive drums and thunderous riffs that knocked the crowd into gear and from what my ears can remember, sounds like it could be the best thing they’ve come up with yet – it’s only getting better. A brief introduction was made after calm had hit again and what with it being the occassion, they immediately launched into their EP, Talk Back, in full. There’s very few new bands that can capture the atmosphere and skill of their small amount of releases live but this lot, as always, still have it down to a fine T. The sheer energy of opening tracks, Check My Pulse and I Don’t Know, boasting a mixture of Editors-y riffs and indie funk respectively and doused over with fine melodic vocals, was replicated effortlessly and even better in a now severely packed and sweaty room.

After another quick rest – I can genuinely say they are a band that give it every ounce live as if their lives depend on it every single time, and I haven’t seen that many of those – they launched into the EP’s final racous 3 minutes in the form of latest single Trouble Like You, arguably the best thing on there, and once again even greater live, it has the catchiest tune in the entire world and if you don’t believe me, watch the video below.

A well earned calm was next returned with the two closing EP tracks, All Of These Things, a mournful type that builds up into probably one of the most Smiths-y breakdowns since, well, The Smiths (there’s a statement for ya) and This Way, another high point of top harmonies and funk that naturally descends into another massive breakdown live, more headbanger this time though, and one hell of a guitar solo.

The only rightful thing to do after playing everything brilliant you’ve made in the past year or so would then be to turn to covers, not as many can pull it off with such genius as EOTA can though, a combination of the ever faithful and ace live no matter who plays it, Muse‘s Supermassive Black Hole, The Black KeysLonely Boy and Foals‘ latest brilliance, Inhaler, shortly and sharply took the Commie to it’s knees before the outro of crashing drums, guitar, bass and generally as much loud noise as possible, swiftly becoming an apparent fitting ending to every great EOTA gig I’ve witnessed, faded out in a hum of feedback and ringing ears and the stage was emptied as quickly as it had filled.


I could be ‘just saying’ this for a multitude of reasons, but I genuinely mean it when I say Easy On The Amoeba are one of the best new bands I’ve seen and heard ever and whatever happens regarding uni’s, distances and other breaks, they deserve to be massive. Ace.

Download their EP here, it’s free!

Read review of above-mentioned EP here

Oh and more photos will surface here within a day or two….

Shamless plugging, eh?