Little Grim

Recently brought to my attention were a Kingston four piece under the name Little Grim, and all that ‘judging a book by it’s cover’ stuff appears to work quite well here because the name alone is brilliant.

As for the music, they’ve just released their self titled debut EP into the world (well, July, it’s still technically summer in this camp) and having listened to it several times already this afternoon I can confirm it’s also quite something.

It starts off with Spaces (video below), a track that suggests an undeniable and claimed Everything Everything influence before transforming into an indie funk of those like Radiohead splashed with Two Door Cinema Club and at times more than a hint of Muse creeps up, especially in the vocals.

However from second track, Blood Lust, and onwards the driving influence becomes clear in their distinct sound as a thinking person’s Arctic Monkeys – all the style and musical skill is there crashing about and built on in a heavier rock style (think Drenge at points) while the vocal is thankfully a lot less irritating than Turner’s (am I allowed to say that in this day & age of AM?) and offers up some incredible melodies throughout.

Having played gigs with all the local lot I champion on here constantly (Don The Cardigan, The Crosstown Trio, etc.) and coming out as finalists in the recent ACM Battle Of The Bands, I’m tipped off that they’re pretty special live too and it’s more than worth checking that out.

In short, the EP is definitely worth your £3.16, and although “indie rock” has become a trampled up genre, these guys fit the bill perfectly and I’m certain they’ve got a lot more genius up their sleeves…..

Check them out here.