Recently quite a few local bands seem to be emerging from the woodwork of my knowledge, so without repeating myself I figured I’d stick a couple of them down here and give it all a little round up for your listening, and hopefully gigging pleasure….

First up MassMatiks, a heavy bunch hailing from Guildford, ever growing as the best place to find music in these south easterly parts, who I appear to yet have mentioned on here before have returned with a new track after the release of their debut single Space & Time back in November last year. Aforementioned new single goes by the name of Independence (A Lack Of) and is released on this coming Tuesday, 10th September. The track showcases their rather brilliant alternative rock sound, with at times Enter Shikari-esque melodic breakdowns and vocals that are more than just a little Frank Turner, it’s all seeming pretty bright.

The single’s out as a free download via their bandcamp , the video is below and their release show is also Tuesday at The Boileroom as part of the ACM Rock Night, along with ever ace Dance A La Plage and a couple of others for a tidy £3 – get down.

And then, in slight contrast, we have The Badland Roots, a name I’ve been hearing uttered around a bit but never checked out til now and I’m very glad I have, they’re a heavy blues rock five piece, once again fresh from the doors of ACM, and kicking up a recent storm after winning this year’s Battle Of The Bands.

They’ve so far got a few acoustic session tracks online aswell as a ton of live videos to their name (having only played about five gigs to date) all presenting us with the finest blues-y guitar tones infused with the sweet vocals of Alice Williams and shuffling rhythms with added funk that merge the cited influences from Muddy Waters to Tedeschi Trucks and complete a sound that’s destined to get your feet moving, at least. Currently they’re set to keep playing around Guildford and the surrounds aswell as releasing a session by the name of The River Sessions, to go along  with the Bedroom & YMCA session tracks up on their Soundcloud currently.

They’re also playing The Boileroom on 18th September, I shall be heading down and you should too, Red Kites are playing an’ all, it’s gonna be a good one.

In addition to these two, all aforementioned local ACM (amongst other) talent i’ve ever spoken about on here appear to be playing The Boileroom within the next week or so, presumably as part of Freshers stuff, for cheap as chips and possibly less. People of Guildford, wise up and get down to the following:

Massmatiks /Dance A La Plage /The Chambers(untraceable online in ten minutes but following the strict trend probably very much ace)/Lit Like Vegas(an alt punk rock affair with a massive sound) on Tuesday 10th

Kid Karate (maybe not as local but pretty great nonetheless) & Little Grim (see previous post) on Thursday 12th

Don The Cardigan/(the old favourites)The Planes/The Bayonettes(Hampshire indie quartet with some bright tunes)/Sister Leona(really really great alt indie sounds) on Friday 13th – I’m there, this one’s free before half eight too.

and a little later Red Kites/The Badland Roots and probably a few others (the event is currently unlisted) on Wednesday 18th – there also

Also Drenge are playing on 16th with Slaves & Dolomite Minor and I advise anyone with any care for music to be there or be square, very literally.

Does everyone feel enlightened on the scene now? because I certainly do.