She Makes War

Since seeing Viv Albertine, alongside Siouxsie, at the RFH back in June, I ended up doing a little swotting up and stumbled across a rather brilliant solo artist in the form of her bassist, Laura Kidd, best known as gloom pop dramatist She Makes War.

Having already released two really ace albums under admirable complete DIY independent ethos and more recently in the launch of the My Big Sister collective , her big sounds of serially electronic beats and patchworked layers at warfare with a more traditional army of grungesque guitars , ukuleles and harps (among countless others) and overlayed with lush vocal melodies has, and more than rightly so, already gained quite a repuatation in London, Bristol and beyond.

Most recently, the (seven track, and staggeringly, impressively six video) Butterflies Audiovisual EP was released at the end of last month via bandcamp and naturally is very much brilliant, especially when you consider the videos were all self made, majority of tracks self recorded and produced and the whole thing appears to be in the name of hard working punk – you could hate every song on it and still appreciate that, but somehow I don’t think you will.

Both title track, Butterflies, a sweetly acoustic affair as seen on last year’s album, Little Battles, possibly just simply one of the loveliest songs I’ve heard in a while, and in contrast entirely electronic Delete, a track made entirely of recorded vocal samples carefully crafted into loops and beats to support one of the strangely catchiest songs and probably my favourite on sheer concept alone on the EP, have had their videos recently premiered online that I have placed above and below for your viewing and listening pleasure.

The track’s also been getting a lot of 6music love recently, and everybody knows 6music know what’s up.

I could continue to personally tell you how great each track out there is, but that’d could be very long and tedious for all those involved, so in short, as well as touring as a musician alongside some of the greatest acts around, Kidd makes some of the best, experimental popstuff around today in an undeniably just quite cool ethic with a hell of an effort that deserves to be heard, and if you’re reading this, I’d highly recommend you should check that out.

The latest EP, in every format, handmade bundle and as anything else you could ever wish for is avaliable here  alongside both albums and a few other assorted releases that are entirely worth all the listening time you give ’em, complete with a ltd. edition Cassette Store Day version of Little Battles, for all the hipper hipsters.

And if you’re not content with that, a ton of gigs are listed here for all over the UK, Germany and even Austria.

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