Originally published on Hooting & Howling


In anticipation of his next EP, ‘Yearn’ – released at the end of the month – Stewart Green, better known under the name Carnivals, has unveiled new track to the world.

Sticking to the ambient ballad masterplan Green has set out with his first two EPs, ‘In Her Eyes’ merges dreamy electronica and clean cut beats with starkly sweet vocals to comprise an effortless blend of atmospheric noise. The layers of pulsing synths, haunting shimmer and longing echo enchant from the depths of the track, creating a reclusively dark, yet almost spellbinding approach, and presenting the ever brilliant quality the new EP brings from one of Sheffield’s finest current talents.

Shut the world out, put this on your headhones and you’ll be taken on a journey through an intensely beautiful soundscape, all in five minutes.

Yearn EP is out on 30th September. Listen to it via Soundcloud below: