The Badland Roots//Red Kites//Nuvae – The Boileroom.


So Wednesday (18th) saw ACM Live hit The Boileroom again in the prescence of four rather good bands.

Despite four trains being cancelled and the release of The Killers simply quite 80’s disco killer new track making getting there quite possibly the hardest journey on earth, I did manage to catch the end of The Side Up Trio‘s set – they appear to be utterly untraceable online but were very much great with a rock flair and are entirely worth seeing all of and maybe more, from what I gathered.

Next up were Nuvae, they’d been spectacularly hyped up to me for the half hour or so before and, unsurprisingly, the hype-rs were right. They’re purveyors of dreamily electronic indie armed with guitars, an electronic kit and enough smoke to set the fire alarm off, a combination that’s ridiculously better than it sounds written down in retrospect.  The oufit spun through tracks consisting of layers of atmospheric beats and distant riffs such as Mouth, and the incomprehendably catchy Leech (both listenable here), among others filled with hooks impossible to shake (despite the poor effort from whoever was behind the sound desk,levels all over the place, a problem that continued throughout the night pfft) before leaving it all quite short and a taste of a sound quite too intense to ignore, check them out here, you wont regret it.

Penultimately, it was Red Kites. We all know I think they’re really very great by this point but I can say in the most genuine way possible, they get better every single time I see them. Both the EPs they have already are quite soundly addictive to listen to as I’ve discovered over the recent months, but they’re still one of the few bands live that can really take that and throw it up into the air with endless energy that makes it at least two hundred times better to experience than on headphones, and it’s very good in headphones I promise you.

They played an array of stuff from both aforementioned EPs, with Hold Fast still explosive and Beat In Time still very much tear inducing (it’s the least easy listening song on the entire earth, but in the absolute best form that could be in, with some utterly beautiful guitar)  while Threads remains better than any single on the radio currently – I don’t say that lightly, it’s a formula of nice-ness and dramatically brilliant riffs that makes for one hell of a track live, the tambourine violence is back in full force too – always a good thing. Lizzy Jane and Midnight Lights too, sound rejuvinated with ante (and bass) upped descending into killer breakdown of headbanging substance before Plans, undeniably my favourite, paves the way for them to leave – after one last eruption of noise, anyway. Still ace.

(if yer out and about in London this weeked, they’re playing Animal Farm’s Hog Roast at Spice Of Life in Soho, as above suggests, I’d highly recommend it) 

Finally came The Badland Roots, after discovering them (as seen in intro post) a few weeks back and with the ACM Battle Of The Bands prestige resting on their shoulders, I was eager to see what they’d pull out of the bag to kick all the others out the way, and from the second the five piece graced the stage, it was very much clear.  By this point the room was crammed from door to door with people, and of course, brilliantly loud music. The band launched into a set of the hard blues-y rock with jarring guitars from the bounces around the stage of Jamie Calvert & Gary Parker while Neal Ritson provided some infectious groove to the situation, all backed by the thunderous force of Jack Robinson on drums. Which left Amy Williams, a vocalist with a stage prescence second to none, oozing confidence and incredible talent throughout the set via the twisting melodies thrown down the microphone, and to make matters even better, the crowd were certainly up for it too.

Due to complete uselessness on my general behalf (and the fact it had taken 3 hours to get there, the replacement bus timetables were already up) I managed to miss the very end of their set, but by the point of leaving I had seen all I needed to, worthy winners indeed.

Next up, Temples and Spector w/ Pale at The Boileroom (oooh they’re getting some good ones these days aren’t they?) followed by Suede, Suede and Suede (that’s not a joke or exagerration, I am missing both Wolf Alice at The Boileroom and Milton Jones for this – what a life eh)