Originally posted on Hooting & Howling 


As the latest venture of previous solo singer-songwriter Daniel Pickard, Half Loon are a dreamy pop quartet hailing from Coventry.

Despite only forming at the start of the year, the outfit have established an appeal like that of MGMT, Syd Barrett, The Zombies and those alike with their debut single, ‘Swearword’. Streaming on their Soundcloud now, the track highlights their hazy sounds with a lush affair of twangy guitar-tinged psychedelia, drenched with Pickard’s whimsical vocals and a swirling mellotron, comprising a style fit to blast loudly through any venue within reach.

The track’s B side, ‘Man of Few Bloody Words’, fares even better; a phased synth soundscape and infectious drumming armed with dance-ready brazen riffs that will ensure the track stays whirring around your head for some time with no complaints, all topped off by a boundless guitar solo and snap back to silence so quickly, in it’s ‘less than 3 minutes‘ glory,  that the only option is to put it back on again.

The group are set to release their next single, ‘Reverie’, in January, with an EP and shows to follow, and if their bright sounds remain, Half Loon look to be ones to keep an eye on in the new year.