(…..and the nine before that) SONGS OF THE YEAR

gThe first of the lists collection for your end of 2013 is the tracks that made life worth living in my humble opinion, I wasn’t gonna do this but I had to write a list for a friend and figured I’d make the hours spent on it seem worthwhile by publishing it, complete with a playlist to soundtrack your new years eve pre-jools if its as uneventful as mine…


A friend equested a list of all the good singles released in 2013, after much umm-ing and ahh-ing I shortened the bare minimum to 62. I wrote them down and tried to order them but gave up, if you want a rough idea of my top 10 that has changed since my memory has improved, go here. but instead of me listing them all and justifying each like my original intentions (though I have here because some are missing from Spotify – those with videos) I just stuck them on a playlist, no one wants to read my prognosis on 62 individual tracks do they really? and that’s just the singles.


One thing that’s always neglected by lists are the non singles, the album tracks and B sides, I only came up with 22 of them, so I listed these ones here and wrote a few words on why they’re probably better than their respective singles so you don’t miss out.

#1//Darkest Days – Suede

DARKEST DAYS. DARKEST DAYS. DAYS THAT ARE DARK. DARKEST ONES. No but  Darkest Days for one is the sole reason I made this list, has anyone heard a B side this good since 1993? No. that’s because B sides aren’t normally this good. unless you’re Suede or Blur or someone like that but none of them are even this good. It’s better than the A sides (yes multiple ones) combined and why the heck it wasn’t released as a single is beyond me but that’s Suede for you. Savour the next 3 minutes because they will remain in your head for months. wvs

#2//The Last To Die – Pet Shop Boys

I am not a fan of Springsteen, I didn’t even know this was a Springsteen track until I researched into the album a bit, I just thought it was brilliant. I listened to the original and just feel bad for Springsteen, Pet Shop Boys have changed this song into a synthy disco smash, its probably my favourite on the album and it’s a cover, it’s no cheesey Where The Streets Have No Name PSB mashup cover either, its just ace.

#3//The Right Thing Right – Johnny Marr

This too should’ve been a single more than anything. It’s my favourite off the Marr album and utterly brilliant.

#4//You’ve Got It All Wrong – Drowners

Drowners are probably one of the best bands to emerge all year, and as much as I love Long Hair, this is the best on the EP by a mile.

#5//See You Next Tuesday – The Planes

The Planes have been on my radar for a good while and with good reason to. Their EP’s are both very good and to put it succintly, this is a great song for jumping about to, and the bass is top.

#6//Generate! Generate! – Johnny Marr 

More Marr, most of the album could’ve been ace singles but this is like a war march chant type affair and is again really quite something.

#7//Sabotage – Suede

This is my second favourite off Bloodsports after the killer that is ISAEWY, and is the perfect mix of stalking crunchy guitars and some sort of euphoria (Banderson in typical jesus pose when live), that makes it sort of anthemic in a suitably suedey way.

#8//Dark Lights, Shine Loud – Gabriel Bruce 

This is everything you could wish for in a Gabriel Bruce song, there’s growling, there’s horns aplenty and there’s dark lyrics about Claudius. It is the ultimate Bruce-dancing song, and one everyone should share in.

You’ll have to purchase it for a better version, whatta shame.

#9//Your Bloody Wings – Sharks

The best Sharks song from Selfhood, listening to it since their split almost brings about a new angle to it especially, it’s happy but not happy and a really bloody ace track.

#10//22 – Sharks

Sharks again showing their brilliance in fine rocky form. sigh.

#11//Trouble Like You – Easy On The Amoeba

Easy On The Amoeba released their first EP Talk Back this year, I’ve been posting about it/them on here relentlessly since & before, but if you want one track that proves how great they are, try this one. It’s funky, it’s rocky and will be stuck in your head for weeks.

#12//Johnny Bagga Donuts – Palma Violets

I searched for the original and stumbled accross this so I’m leaving it there, but really it’s a gritty growly rock song with a top organ line, and everyone loves one of those right?

#13//Chicken Dippers – Palma Violets

Chicken Dippers is an explosion, it sort of is a nice quaint little refrain followed by an eruption of guitars and howling that makes no sense but somehow works, and that makes it something to appreciate above the rest

#14//Dancing Out In Space – David Bowie

The best song on The Next Day, its funky, about dancing IN SPACE and catchy, on top of those little boooboodoop’s that hit each ear in the chorus. Typical Bowie and amazingly so.

#15//Exile – Hurts

Exile is thunderous, as the title track it was the first I’d heard of Hurts vaguely new direction and it’s quite the shock. It’s dramatic with cavernous synths and soaring vocals that do actually capture the apocalypse and have you fearing for your life for about 4 minutes.

#16//What Are You Not Telling Me? – Suede

The appeal of putting this in in order to cause further ridicule from gang members was quite tempting but in all honesty I couldn’t leave it out, it’s rare for me to love a slow mooning song such as this but I really do. Not to mention the backing vocals.

The video above was chosen over the studio because it astounds me everytime.

#17//Toxic – Peace

I came across this after it being played on Suede’s pre show playlist every night of the tour I was there convinced it was Splashh’s All I Wanna Do because I’d misheard the chorus, so once iI got home, played it and realised it wasn’t I spent weeks relentlessly searching only to discover it was Peace, a band I vowed and still do, a strict hatred for because they’re so whiny and “b-town”. Admittedly, this is whiny and has no lyrics to get excited over, but it is catchy and brilliant and worth a listen or five.

#18//Hurricane – MS MR (Chvrches Remix)

I like Hurricane, but Chvrches have taken the dramatic brilliance of it and made it synth perfection. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

#19//Only You – Hurts

Another Hurts one, sounding like the style of Happiness with an expanded band, it’s much more comfortable, but keeps the dark drama and great hook everyone loves.

#20//When A Fire Starts To Burn – Disclosure

Disclosure are giants this year, they come from the posh town ten minutes down the road and went to the private grammar school there everyone I know used to be in awe of for the fact it was so pretentious, so when you look at it from that perspective, it’s really quite impressive that they make such good music on such a mainstream level all while appearingly being nice people. However they do, and while this wasn’t released (or hasn’t been yet, I hope) it’s top stuff.

#21//Zoe – Gabriel Bruce 

I’ve loved this song for a very long time, it did infact emerge from the EP last year however it’s too good to leave out the list, it’s one of my favourite GB tracks, the calypso edge and growly tones fit together effortlessly and just make it great.

#22//Dancing Shoes – Trans

 Trans are one of the best things to come out of the year, and with 4 recorded tracks to their name so far, I could’ve easily listed all of them. But this one is really quite ace, the full length is on their EP which I highly suggest you pick up.

Another segment shall emerge in just under an hour, I know how excited you all must be….only 3 hours to go eh?