The start of the new year’s introductions begin with this quartet from Oxford after the release of their EP, ILLA, at the end of last year.

The name born out of a recurring dream of running colours is more apt than you’d think, with their music radiating a dreamy shoegaze essence merged with the atmospheric post punk tones of The Cure making for a melancholy realness within each track.

 ILLA is four tracks that conjure up this cavernous sound effortlessly, with the relentless shimmering riffs of Time To Go (Before The Rivalry) sparking up an indie likeness to a darker Libertines whilst She builds up in a Joy Division-esque bleakness and explodes into a thunder of crashing drums and fuzz drenched guitars setting the tone of simple brilliance.

 Someone To Try For, arguably the most catchy and the best track I’ve heard in a while, and Class To Help too both echo this alternative, soulful sound in fine style and make the EP one that showcases everything ace about this outfit, and certainly one worth spending your £3.16 on (that may aswell be cheaper than a Freddo these days let’s face it, and you get much more out of it than a chocolate frog).

On the back of this, they’ve had gigs among the impressive likes of Temples, SKATERS, Superfood and We Are Augustines aswell as headline shows around the land in places including The, ever loved, Garage in London and look set to continue storming the country accross the new year.

The EP, worked on by Tim Roberts and Kit Monteith (Foals, Trophy Wife) and recorded at Safehouse Studios, is out now and availiable to download on iTunes and all the other likes via NewLevel Recordings.