If you haven’t caught on to Drowners yet, to put it succintly, you need to. Naturally the attraction of their Suede-y name stole my interest back when their EP came out in 2012, but their sheer genius at crafting smarmy pop rock songs kept it going, and their eponymous debut is out today.

From the EP you’d be well aware that it was very, very hard to fault, with three infectious tracks comprised of a ton of Matt Hitt‘s incredible witticism and sparkling guitar riffs, and the album is that x 13, I’ve listened to it countless times in the past week and it is too, very, very hard to fault, and not just because the entire EP is jammed into it, rerecorded and polished to even higher standards.

The quartet cram in the very much spoken influences from Britpop, but the resounding sound is all undeniably The Smiths with added shimmer, energy and optimism, with virtually every track sounding from the hands of The Marr, so to speak,  You’ve Got It Wrong, Pure Pleasure and Let Me Finish being prime examples of the guitarwork of Jack Ridley sprinkled over the rest.

More standouts of the album – it’s hard to pick ones that aren’t – are recent single Luv, Hold Me Down, undeniably the catchiest song released in a good while, the snarling edge of Watch You Change and evident smash Bar Chat, crammed full with Hitt’s sharp lyrics that make the entire album even more enjoyable; While the softer flair comes in the  forms of Unzip Your Harrington, carrying wistful notes of “I’m gonna hang around long enough to be part of the furniture” and last month’s undeniably brilliant album taster A Button On Your Blouse.

The album closes on the note of previous–singalong- A Shell Across The Tongue and explodes with the obvious self confessed torment of Well, People Will Talk, and guarantees that Drowners were no one hit, nor one EP wonder, they’ve probably released one of the best albums of the entire year, and we’re only 27 days in. Enjoy.