I vowed to write more this week and I have, just not on the right (originally written as write, oh dear) site, but many important things that need to be adressed have happened in said past week, inbetween me rediscovering my entire music collection importing it all to a new laptop – more on that soon.

For starters, The Cure are well and truly back and set to take all yer hard earned cash at that too, their RAH shows, despite my efforts to get tickets, both sold out in high speeds and at £110 a ticket, that three hour show is set to be something quite intense and brilliant. Not to mention they just announced they’re fiNALly releasing that 4:13 Dream sequel LP, aptly titled 4:14 Scream and recorded around the same time as it’s predecessor and launching Trilogy DVD’s and new shows to go with it. The shows are expected to be The Top (take it or leave it), The Head On The Door (ace) and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (the best Cure album of their entire career, honest) and in which case i will more than gladly spend my lifesavings on a ticket, so that’s one to look out for.


The undoubtable champ. of The Cure

In other news, Suede are back taking all my money, after successfully nabbing a ticket for their Dog Man Star anniversary show for TCT at the Royal Albert Hall (albeit nearly losing my mind to stress doing so), they’ve just announced some gigs in the forests of the country. Forest’s in question being Thetford, home of my lovely lovely grandparents who I’d love to visit on 13th June for completely non Suede related reasons obviously, and Westonbirt a week later. Naturally national rail will be raking it in from my backpocket that week too.

In other other news, Wolf Alice have announced a tour, they’re absolutely killer and are infact even playing The Boileroom a few days after my 18th, I’d highly recommend you took the trip, as well as Teleman touring in the middle of May too – it’s set to be a good month, but not as good as March or June just yet.

Oh and surprise surprise at the Reading & Leeds announcements, the worse it gets, the more chance Guilfest have at the good ‘uns, we can wish.

Round ups done go back to yer Monday night while i drown in double sided sticky tape and glitter gel pens for this photography deadline, and listen to this while you’re at it.

(3am review up here)