I mentioned Trans in my  end of the year megablog thing and after their exceedingly good Red EP, they’re releasing an even exceedingly better Green EP.

If you are yet to manage to get Rock Steady out your head or stop shouting the lyrics interjecting every random selection of 3 numbers in public places – which, let’s face it, no one has mastered the art of getting rid of either of these things – then you will appreciate my enthusiasm for the release of this one, because the tracks are evidently even better. The entire contents are all the unknown tracks everyone’s picked out from their set as the ace ones and everyone can’t be wrong, ‘least where a band containing the masterminds of both Bernard Butler & Jackie McKeown are concerned anyway.

But besides me telling you, there’s video clips for each online now – niftily with each assigned to a member to flick their hair, stare & wonder what they are doing as much as you are for 5 or so minutes – and I’d highly recommend you listen/watch/whatever here.

If you appreciate the lot, you can pre-order the EP here (it’s out 10th March) digitally or on limited edition *bright green* vinyl – this was my only disappointment with the Red EP and I’m very much glad they corrected it.

They’re also touring in March (come to Bristol) at some ace little venues, full dates & such below:

London Bussey Building (February 15)
London The Lexington (March 6)
Bristol Exchange (March 7)
Brighton Green Door Store (March 8)
Glasgow Centre For Contemporary Arts (March 13)
Hebden Bridge Trades Club (March 14)
Leeds Brudenell Social Club (March 15)
Liverpool Shipping Forecast (March 20)
Manchester Ruby Lounge (March 21)

Coloured records for everyone.