So ever plagued by weather + train times I only managed to catch the middle 2 of the six bands playing The Boileroom on Sunday night, but I figured I’d review them anyway because they are pretty ace.


Easy On The Amoeba are a band I’ve mentioned/reviewed on here countless times before with their fine EP & multiple Guildford gigs, but this one saw them finally upgrade from the depths of the Commie, away from the scary pop punk kids (sort of) and hit what I have proclaimed the best and only worthwhile music venue around these parts, so it was noticeably a pretty big deal.

I may say this everytime I see them, but this was without a doubt the best I’ve ever seen them at, they kicked off proceedings with the EP’s giant, Trouble Like You, and stormed it for the next 40 or so minutes.  Off to an understandably catious start, by the third track – even throwing a new intensely Foals-y one into the mix – they were into their own and quite frankly brilliant. Ducking & diving around their Talk Back EP, standouts like I Don’t Know showcased absolute thunder in the form of Zak de la Bédoyère on drums, while This Way merged in some infectiously funk bass from Luke Halls with the sweetly soaring vocals of Georgia Hart, culminating into a near stadium worthy breakdown that only sounded better screaming through the cavern of the place.

A crashing rendition of Foals Inhaler later, their work was done and all that was left was latest monster single, Circuit, making way for more of Alex Tracey’s – what can only be described as- guitar swagger and a deafeningly awesome outro that left the room in a maze of feedback and cemented the fact that the quartet had more than rightly earnt their place on that stage, ace.

here's a picture I took at one of their other gigs, just to confuse things really.

here’s a picture I took at one of their other gigs, just to confuse things really.

After that, I did manage to stick around for a band called Seven Car Pile Up, another new offering via ACM evidently trying to cram as many guitarists as possible onto the tiny stage, and bringing roaring alternative rock/pop punk- y sounds with them.

Frontwoman, Natasha Raffle, drenched the rage of guitars in twisting melodies and it all made for some encapturing tracks, leaving on a complete standout track that’s name I didn’t manage to catch but was very much impressive, and if they release anything soon it seemed a likely contender, keep an eye out for them.

Then as all gigs seem to end, I swiftly ran for a train. In other news, Temples album is ace & I’m seeing Drowners this weekend, oooh.