Three things of important musical solo career noting have struck me this week that needed to be addressed.


Firstly is that of Daisy Victoria, better known as the lead singer of Maglia Rosa Group who caught my ears with the release of a very very good EP early last year, who has embarked solo with equally brilliant musical outputs.

Her first single, Heart Full Of Beef, is an upfront 90s grunge affair and albeit different from the musical contexts noted above, is utterly brilliant. It combines as a crash of jarring guitars and ragey lo fi drums (see Elastica & Tuscadero) layered with crystalline vocals echoing the likes of Siouxsie & Frischmann herself that all round makes for a harsh rock sound following in the stylistic footsteps of those such as PINS & Vivian Girls, and a top one at that.

The track is free to download on Soundcloud (above) now and the second track, Trees, is set for release next week.

More here.


Next, and quite juxtaposingly to the latter, is the works of Christian Smith, who first brought to my attention as the bassist in The Planes – an unfathomably good band, more here, which are taking seperate strides into the classical side of things, and with absolutely blissful results.

Having begun sticking the pieces online at the start of last year, he’s -rightly so- gathered high amounts of attention for his classical & romantic piano compositions , with one already snapped up for an O2 advert and amongst others placed within films based on the self claimed perspective of creating “piano driven pieces, that make you stop and listen”, a line I can’t put any better.

With over 15 compositions (his latest above) freely listenable on Soundcloud currently, all of which are startlingly captivating and brimming with emotive melodies, his ability to create moving and interesting pieces of music is very much evident, and I’d highly suggest you check them out.


Lastly, but by no means least in this we have Snowdrop.

Snowdrop is a new musical project driven by Music student Larissa Bollig, alongside various other musical counterparts, and the EP release later this Spring is set to turn a head or two.

Having previously dabbled in electronic based compositions in the past few years, Snowdrop sees an astonishing creation of indie pop and synth merges, with material so far driven by intense electronic beats, haunting guitars and eerie synthlines that make for brilliantly dramatic results – not to mention the incredible honeyed, brittle vocal melodies of Bollig herself.

Her first output sees Biffy Clyro‘s Many Of Horror covered in a way thankfully unlike the wannabe Matt Cardle’s of a generation and innovatively so, with pulsating synths and stark electronics driving the track behind the sweet take on Simon Neil‘s harsh vocals. All of which take a track once made virtually unlistenable by the amount of under par reanactments of it and transform into something completely rejuvenated and more than worth every listen it can get.

The cover is downloadable on Soundcloud now and the EP is set for release in April this year, keep up to date here.