Originally published on Hooting & Howling


Following 2012’s Sunny Daze/Sleepless Nights EP, The Orielles have unveiled their latest top efforts with second EP, Hindering Waves.

Opening with previously released title track, the trio’s effortless blend of soaring 60’s pop and gritty post-punk vibes radiated throughout becomes immediately evident, with 3 minutes echoing surf sounds and a maze of polished riffs layered with the honeyed vocals of Esme Hand-Halford, it makes for an intensely catchy introduction

‘Old Stuff//New Glass’ meanwhile showcases the natural flair the outfit have for creating sickly sweet melodies via the shared harmonies of Hand-Halford and guitarist Henry Wade and singalong “sha la la la”‘s that capture an undertone of natural innocence within their extremely accomplished musical skill for an outfit all yet to reach 18.

Influences from Pixies, Bleached, The Surfmen and those alike are littered across the tracks, blending with the carefree notes of Wade’s guitarwork in tracks such as ‘Karma Trip’, while all tied together by the ever-zealous drums of Sid Hand-Halford.

By final track, ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’, driven by a thunderous bassline and haunting melodies, The Orielles seemingly effortless and assured talents to create brilliantly clever pop songs is more than clear, and for three young musicians from Halifax, they’re going to be turning more than a few heads with this release.

The Orielles are set to play gigs in Cheshire, London and Manchester over the next two months alongside the likes of The Primitives and The Darling Buds, full dates can be found on their official Facebook page.

Hindering Waves was produced by Jez Kerr (A Certain Ratio) and is out now via Cacti Recordings, avaliable for order here.