Originally published on Hooting & Howling

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Hailing from Altrincham, Shooting Pigeons were introduced to the world with their debut EP ‘City Of Peace‘, quickly garnering comparisons to names a far afield as Pink Floyd, Joy Division and Ramones. Two years later, the outfit have released their second EP, ‘Building Romans‘, and appear to have stepped everything up a notch.

From the off, ‘Weekend Away‘ sets the outfit’s intentions out decidedly. Driven by clear cut rhythms and jarring punk riffs, conjuring up more than a hint of sophomore Arctic Monkeys about their sound, the track builds up to an explosive chorus. Jack Corcoran thunderous vocals and a pounding bassline catch the ear immediately, with token ‘oohs‘ being prominent throughout. ‘Taken Too Easy‘ follows, once again driven by the flowing bass groove of Oscar Davy and boasting polished, chiming guitar melodies layered by half heartedly desperate cries of “take me away“. The track soon establishes itself as a sweetly toned gem of the release.

The outfit’s cited influence from Editors, Interpol, and those alike becomes evident in the musical pattern laid out across the EP, a trend swiftly followed effortlessly by ‘Second Place‘. Shimmering nostalgic guitar lines mused over by the subdued wit of Cocoran (“It’s true about great minds/I’m a trend setter”), soon transform into bitter bass-fueled breakdowns, before erupting again into the outfit’s now-familiarly intense sound. By the final offering, ‘Like A Human Being‘, the outfit have defined their style seamlessly, combining their talents into a blisteringly impressive track.

Within the four tracks of ‘Building Romans‘, Shooting Pigeons have advanced and polished their sound further from 2012’s ‘City Of Peace‘ and brilliantly so. With releases as effortlessly brilliant as this, they’re more than worth keeping an eye on in the future.