After the Red EP being quite understandably brilliant, Trans have a new EP and it dropped on my doorstep in all it’s bright green glory last night – no marks to anyone who can guess what it might be called.

Presumably the majority of people reading this already know who Trans are, but these particular four tracks were far too good not to write anything about just incase you don’t – that and it’s been far too long since I actually used this site to share the ace tones coming out of the world currently.

Anyway, Thinking About A Friend kicks things off and I’m tempted to say it’s probably the best track released all year -or at the very least in the top 5. With interwining guitars playing intensely innocent catchy riffs that naturally drive the track – and everything else on the EP for the record-  and Butler’s straightforward lyrics, backed up by laidback rhythms, it’s a simple affair that gets to the point, and that’s all it needs to be to be stuck in your head for weeks and still vastly enjoyable listening. This is my favourite already and that’s all I have to say on the matter.

The Prince too takes on the simplicity of before, however builds up from a sole jarring riff into twisting lines of uncontrolled brilliance and resulting in essentially experimental guitar noises on Butler’s part that in any other musical context are likely to be deemed as something that should never have left the jam session, letalone put on the record, but in this situation only add to the track. However, when you can play aswell as the outfit and most of your tracks are direct jams anyway, it’s hardly surprising and the enjoyment is evident.

Lights is another impressive one by the book, taking a sparkling riff and Butler’s simple declarations that again build into advanced genius on all parts of the outfit that once again bring about the sheer enjoyment and optimism that surrounds every track, not to mention the freedom of utterly no structure within anything on the EP that only makes you wish there were more bands that could get away with playing and releasing things like this to such incredible effect, and it’s a crying shame there isn’t.

Ending the fun all too soon is the curiously named and widely speculated Tangerine, an intensely cheery type drawn from yet more shimmering guitar lines that make it another unfortunately catchy type, but for all the right reasons, and the suggested hidden melancholy of it all becomes more or less obsolete by the uttering of the first “woah oh”, making way for another guitar jam – they’re just showing off at this point really.

So in short, Trans have produced another star quality EP that sounds like people actually making music, actually enjoying doing so and actually not seeming all to bothered by the opinions of people like me, you or anyone else, but I’ve written one anyway now. The Green EP is an absolute gem and I urge anyone and everyone to have a listen, also did I mention the vinyl was bright green? There’s nothing not to like.

It’s out now & you can buy said green vinyl from Rough Trade Recs/other top shops.

On a side self promo note (oh no) I saw them in Bristol the other week and wrote some more carefully thought out words about that here – it was bloody ace, to put it swiftly. Oh and this happens to be my 200th post on here – kerching etc. – so ta for reading/putting up with 200 whole posts of my musical rambles, you’re all top.