Heart Full Of Beef.


You may better know Daisy Victoria as lead singer of the brilliant Maglia Rosa Group who made waves with their EP Nighthawks back last year, however she has now returned as solo artist with recently released EP ‘Heart Full Of Beef’ and it’s more than something special.

From the off the EP compells with the title track, fueled by lo-fi jarring guitars and crashing tones that conjure up the alternative sounds of the ’90s not dissimilar to Elastica or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with soaringly impressive vocals and certainly gives an ‘in your face’ introduction to the music of Daisy Victoria.

‘Macbeth To My Lady’ and ‘Cloth‘ too both continue this trend, with punk-y undertones following the paths of those like PINS as the first emotion pouring vocals snipe across the relentless riffs as a perfect juxtaposition of pop that is enough to make anyone listen, and listen again, while the latter takes a more subdued haunting approach, hinting at the likes of Siouxsie Sioux with foreboding tones and infectious melody seeming surprisingly nabbed from the clutches of Vivian Girls.

‘Secret Garden Party’ keeps the eerie indie theme coming with a definitive beat of minimalism before shimmering riffs and clashing, chiming melodies weave their way in over half spoken whispers showcasing a merge effortlessly mastered within the unique style of Daisy Victoria and one cemented by EP closer ‘Tree”, reduced down to a solo guitar and subtle beat to make way for sweeping, beautiful vocals to take over and steal the limelight, and rightly so.

Within 5 short tracks, Daisy Victoria highlights a seemingly unique sense to her music by combining sheer raw talent with stronger musical background and one that becomes increasingly more and more addictive with every listen, and once you have, you will want to over and over again.

Heart Full Of Beef is out now and you can catch her live on various dates detailed here inc. a slot at Latitude and a show at Blossom Records, Norwich on RSD where I also shall be – fighting (probably not) it out for the Suede & Ghostbusters releases.

Buy the EP here, it’s more than worth it, and while you’re at it, vote here too.