Some Things Don’t Matter.

This is a brief blog effort in the face of a week of college returning and endless (brilliant) gigs to attend but a quick note to mention the fact that one of those tomorrow is Ben Watt, not the typical type of my listening and one of a small group but nonetheless ace, and though the listening may or may not have stemmed from a certain guitar player joining him I’ve unanticipatedly really really got into his new album, Hendra, which is much more than worth checking out.

But the point is I’ve been listening to this particular track non-stop this week and though it was released in 1983 so isn’t exactly hip or happening as I might wish, it’s really really quite brilliant. And just when you think it can’t get all that much better the saxophone kicks in, it’s a blissed out bank holiday kind of track so I figured I’d adjust the heads of the internet back to the attention of it.

He’s touring the UK at the moment, have a listen.

*Live Reviews Impending*